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Publicada: 8/jun/2017 às 7:45
Atualizada: 21/jun/2019 às 21:35

nice casual game to pass the time. would recommend playing every now and again.
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Temporal Piano 31/mar/2018 às 22:36 
sil you're scaring the children
Waq Will 15/nov/2017 às 9:06 
I just remembered this game a minute ago, after not thinking about it for years, and I came to visit the store page. "Pfft, I bet I have the most time spent playing it [127 hours] out of everyone"

then I saw your review.

You need help buddy
(jk if you enjoy the game then who am I to tell you to not play it. But still... how?!?!)
Armaansinga47 13/nov/2017 às 2:32 
Guys let him do what he wants with his life.... but seriously you shouldn't be playing soooo much of this free game ):<)(
ARAB VISION 22/jul/2017 às 16:18 
wtf is wrong with u
蒸汽帮我登上人生巅峰 24/jun/2017 às 3:16 
wtf man you got 300 games in your account and you spend 100 hours on this?