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SilentReaper(SR) Nov 19, 2015 @ 1:23pm 
There is no point to try to add me. I'm near never online with this account of mine. If you have questions / requests or whatever for steamrep, go to this thread and post your issue:


But please, before you post there: read the GUIDES section of the forum if your question is answerred there.

- Appeals: The admin will add YOU for a appeal, see appeal tips topic on the forum.
- Reports: MUST be done via the forum.
- Report against you: if the report is false, you can FORUM Report it (lower right side of the post).
- Talk about SteamRep: see above link, ask away there
- If you really want a chat on steam, ask a admin to add you. Which is NOT likely for most admins don't have much time anyhow, but who knows, if you asked nice enough...
- Evidence: Use the hide tags if you want only staff to see it:

[HIDE=3,4] *YOUR hidden text or thumbnail here* [/hide]

The 3,4 = Admins & Mod groups on the forum.
SilentReaper(SR) Nov 19, 2015 @ 1:17pm 
I do not have much time, and chatting on Steam I consider a huge waste of time. Time that I could have used elsewhere and could have helped a lot more people with. I've disabled comments on this profile, for I wasn't online with the account for near a year, and the comment spam where mostly ppl wanting me to look at their appeals, reports (by or against them), or "Need to talk about SteamRep". See link above to get answers on that.