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There is a question (of which every collector of knickknacks should ask himself) pertaining to the origin of his obsession… the “why? … Why do I do this?”

It begins as a simple hobby, a certain passion or pleasure that grows into memorable experiences, but many a time there are “hidden agendas” in our brain and our hearts that use the accumulation (in this case) of electronic goods to dampen a thought, a pain or a reality…

And it is okay.

In the grand scheme of things, it is better to have 4k games than to be injecting heroin in the street corner… but it is not better to hide away from personal demons by playing games beyond normal consumption; alas, the addictive properties of video games when mixed in with escapism share an alarming amount of similarities with the very drugs/vices we are not partaking in.

Dopamine levels can be high, problems can be stashed away, steam emoticons can be collected and entire economies can flourish from games such as CS:GO and Team Fortress… truly an astonishing thing, these games have become…

But don’t let it consume you. Don’t lose yourself. A life in moderation is a life well spent. Maybe not all the time, every day, but things in excess have a way of taking far more than they give.

I worry about you, you know? Too many games, too little time, far too much money spent.
I understand it, I really do.

But there is a world outside of this computer,
And this world,
Is missing you.

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