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"And what are you? Some sort of proper vigilante?"

Mucho se ha dicho de la revolución, mucha sangre ha brotado por los campos de la humanidad a causa de ella, y todavía se sigue utilizando para motivar conflicto/movimiento social, pero: ¿Por qué? ¿Cuál será el poder místico que mueve a esta idea de mente a mente sin que cese de vivir? ¿La opresión y el grito de un alma mezquina? ¿La juventud y su natural concepción de rebeldía? ¿El visionario que busca ciegamente a una alegría colectiva? ¿O una sensación moral que dice: “esto no puede seguir por las mismas”?
Quizás que eso exactamente sea: Que en nuestros ojos, frágiles y humanos, tanto necesite “revolución” que el término llegue a sobrepasar su ira política, su ruido social de las cacerolas del descontento, de las escrituras de Marx y Engels, y las tantas violentas intervenciones de grupos extremistas por todo el mundo. Quizás el término “revolución” signifique más que un cambio abrupto, marcado por la violencia y la batalla campal – quizás el termino viva y vivirá por los siglos desde su nacimiento político en 1848, a recrearse de sus antepasados Soviéticos, Chinos y Cubanos, para encarar nuevamente a la gente que alguna vez manifestó ayudar. Y, si alguna vez alcanzamos a llegar a esta hora critica, ¿que podrán decir? ¿Para de nuevo conquistar a nuestro corazón, y por aquello morir?
Ah, la revolución. Opresión, teoría, moralidad, juventud y sus tantos visionarios, - ya todos han estado presente, y mucho de la violencia. Ahora creo que es tiempo de añadir a el amor, y tiernamente sacarles a la gente - su insostenible declaración de impotencia. Au revoir, mon auditoire.
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There is a question (of which every collector of knickknacks should ask himself) pertaining to the origin of his obsession… the “why? … Why do I do this?”

It begins as a simple hobby, a certain passion or pleasure that grows into memorable experiences, but many a time there are “hidden agendas” in our brain and our hearts that use the accumulation (in this case) of electronic goods to dampen a thought, a pain or a reality…

And it is okay.

In the grand scheme of things, it is better to have 4k games than to be injecting heroin in the street corner… but it is not better to hide away from personal demons by playing games beyond normal consumption; alas, the addictive properties of video games when mixed in with escapism share an alarming amount of similarities with the very drugs/vices we are not partaking in.

Dopamine levels can be high, problems can be stashed away, steam emoticons can be collected and entire economies can flourish from games such as CS:GO and Team Fortress… truly an astonishing thing, these games have become…

But don’t let it consume you. Don’t lose yourself. A life in moderation is a life well spent. Maybe not all the time, every day, but things in excess have a way of taking far more than they give.

I worry about you, you know? Too many games, too little time, far too much money spent.
I understand it, I really do.

But there is a world outside of this computer,
And this world,
Is missing you.

Beauty is the name of the medium:

Although FPS, sports titles and big shiny graphics get much of the attention, it is the games hidden underneath the surface; the ones that take a different approach, talk about difficult topics, play with a unique art style, sound with carefully crafted music, work with weird controls (all within the realm of minimalism or "limited budget") those love letters from their developers to the audience, those that surprised you into liking it, that quietly made you admire them or think or feel... those games are the ones I love.

In a simple list form I shall try to share some of the most memorable and striking examples of what gaming can be without the expectations of a big triple-a publisher or the pressure of a raving fanbase. Sometimes exploration (inner/outer) and an experience are all we need to feel... and depending on the game ... you can choose in which fluorescent pool of water you wish to swim in.

Inked : Video games are art!

Explore the depths of the indie ocean :

Hollow Knight / Rain World / Hyper Light Drifter / ScourgeBringer
Ori and the Blind Forest / Dead Cells / Gris / Katana Zero / Wandersong

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A cinematic masterpiece, this game never ceases to amaze me and fulfill that sudden desire for mysticism and minimalism that is so hard to achieve in gaming. The first time I played it was in 2013. It has spawned many pretenders since; those who seek to captivate its magic but seldom get it right. It was groundbreaking when it came out and it is groundbreaking today.

The premise is terrifying; to be a child in an apocalyptic setting where sadistic children are overlords is troubling enough, never mind the scenery, the music and the mood. You are pulled into this grotesque scenario where the world (and anything that moves, parasitic or otherwise) is your enemy but not as a machine gun-wielding, monster destructing, roid machine but rather as an innocent, vulnerable child who is about to be trampled by the darkness that surrounds him. Everything is dark and not just in color, but also intention.

It’s as if the world were already lost. But the thing that makes this game different, I think, is that you are not trying to save it… no, far from it. The premise is survival in a very primal way. This game could play out in a few days real time and most of us wouldn’t realistically survive it, let alone electronically. Even though I finished it long ago, I still remember the ending. Perhaps too romantic for its own sake, it was a smile for a tragic journey, a gentleness from developers who made us suffer much along the way. This game is an experience and one that I’ll never totally recover from, nor do I want to. I will replay it again in 2019 and see how much I’ve grown since my first playthrough, how the memories compare. For now, it is time to set foot in the darkest plains of Limbo again. Good day, gentlemen.
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