Uncle Sarge
Aaron Sifer Thomas   United States
-=Not up for trades, if I don't know you and you ask you'll be blocked. If we haven't played before and you ask you'll be blocked. Asking for Trades and trying to cheat me out of money will get you blocked and reported.=-

If you ran into me on pubs or w/e, shoot me an add, if I remember you I'll accept.

I'm usually innit for fun and trash memes. I play TF2, Rocket League, World of Tanks.
And basically whatever my friends want to play with me.

If you want an invite to my discord, go ahead and ask, I'll probably let you in if I know/knew you from before. Just lemme know who you are. C:

Also RIP Stock Legion.

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EliteLegoDude May 16 @ 12:06am 
sarge is the type of guy to buy an unusual for his name
❤~Ct~❤ May 15 @ 9:31pm 
+rep Fun to play with. Just super chill.
Dwemer ♥ Apr 26 @ 3:05pm 
loud nibba
Grandma Apr 25 @ 10:47pm 
loud boi
Benji Apr 17 @ 8:36am 
jk hi dad
Benji Apr 17 @ 8:36am 
didnt add me back -------rep