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Okita Aire   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
You're one in a million, you're once in a lifetime.
<-- Drawn by Daisy TheCreep
Tokyo Nights
My life
A great artist [guweiz.deviantart.com]

Good and evil are not truths. They are born from men and each sees the shades differently

The soldier stood on the memorial. There countless names were written. But one name stands out. No, not a name. A number. 117.

"Master Chief. I wish wherever you are, you can hear me. You're a hero among heroes I will never get to know. A face that I never get to see. But what you did... I will remember to the end of my life. By the footsteps you silently left behind you shown us all what honor, and self sacrifice truly means. Never giving up, always fighting on. Never ask for recognition, only what needs to be done. Foregoing your life for the lives of others. For all you are, I thank you... And I salute you."

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【Pls Read】

I do NOT accept random friend requests or private profiles.
I cleanup my friendslist once in a while, if you've been deleted it's because we haven't spoken in a while.
If you'd like to add me and you have a reason for it, comment why you sent a friend request.

【If you're a CopyCat】

Resolution: 1024 x 768 (STRETCHED)
Sensitivity: 1.3 /w 800 DPI
viewmodel: CLASSIC (In options)

【A little bit of info】

There's not much you should know, I'm friendly outwards towards who I think are nice, other than that don't be fooled by the friendly nature. :hp_kyu:

My gender..? Glad you ask!! I'm not telling

【Relationship Status】

- My lovely :hp_kyu:

【Favourite games】

Counter-Strike (The whole franchise)
Garry's Mod
Need for Speed 2016
The Elder Scrolls V
The Witcher 3
Fallout New Vegas

【Mad musicians I adore】

From Ashes To New
My First Story
Broken Iris


Jed: ty dad
Aire: Fuck you son

Sir Steve : It's not racist, just a joke on the expense of black people

Omens GF: The only person that can commit suicide are themselves

Omens GF: You cared when I was sucking your dick

Oza: We can't let that happen! Bullyhunters roll out!

SirSgtSmall: All my goals involves Pizza Roles

ducbob: yea just like +shift

DaisyTheCreep: I'm out of water, I'm gonna starve.. wait.. oxygen? Hydrogen? Hydrate?
Aire: Dehydrate?

DaisyTheCreep: Damian is the type of person who would rape his kids. Dress them up as housemaids and violate them

DaisyTheCreep: "pansexual guy and a trans guy being together on insta" ....isnt that just.... gay? that simple man....no pan with eggs no trans feelings just GAY OR NAY

DaisyTheCreep: "It's like you fart but your butthole disappears and everyone hears it"

Aire: "Do you shag your sheep before you slaughter them?"
Gethiin: "No we do it after because that's better"
DaisyTheCreep: "Do you eat your cum with it? Does it give it extra taste? Do you chop your dick off as you do it?"

elf: Who even dies from aire like come on boys
-- Aire x elf --
elf: What

Aire: What's that part of the song you have to repeat (It's a Chorus for y'all who's wondering)
DaisyTheCreep: LYRICS?

DaisyTheCreep: My fingers smell like feet. You know, just because you're a nice boyfriend I'll go wash my hands

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