Sieg Choys
Sieg Choys
I do not know!
Ich weiß es nicht!


I like cute things!

This Avatar is used for my first steam game, Total War: Shogun 2

Many wargame and combat vehicles simulation player. :guard:

Military Service: Airforce Captain
Former AA platoon leader
Former Moral training instructor of junior officers
Former Company commander
Former Small Firearms gunnery drill instructor
Former Emergencycare instructor
Former Base defence for airforce instructor

Swordsmanship: Iaido(Musoshindenryu) :AngrySword: and korean kingdom military style(twohanded sword Ssangsudo, twin swords Ssanggeom and so on)
Archery: Korean traditional style(Gukgung)
Polearms: Korean kingdom military style(glaive, battle staff)
Want to learn Yari & Halberd

Major of University: Study of history

Want to be a korean style or nomadic style horse archer.

I want to study and learn many things!

* Favorite weapons and vehicles
Sword: Katana(mine, blade length is 80cm)
Bow: Korean style composite bow(mine, draw strength is 42lbs)
Melee weapon: LaGana Tactical Tomahawk

Pistol: Daewoo K5, Walther P38, Colt M1911A1
Rifle: Mauser Kar98k, M1 Carbine(or M2 Carbine)
Assault Rifle: StG44, M16A1, AKM

Car: VW Typ 82 Kübelwagen
Armored Car: PSW 222
Armor: PzKpfw V Ausf. G Panther

Other vehicles or guns
8,8cm FlaK 37, Gepard, Ostwind
Wespe, Grille, Hummel
Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

Airplane: Bf 109G-6, Bf 109G-10, F4F, F6F, P-47D
Modern Airplane: F-14, F-16C, Su-27, UH-1, AH-1
KM Ship: KMS Tirpitz, KMS Prinz Eugen, KMS Graf Zeppelin
USN Ship: Tennessee class BB, USS West Virginia, Iowa class BB, Essex class CV, USS Indianapolis
IJN Ship: IJNS Haruna, IJNS Mogami, IJNS Aoba, IJNS Shokaku

I am not militarist or warmonger! :D:
I really love peace and know the importance of peace. :steamhappy:
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