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This game. Oh boy this game. Not only is it the largest map in the Grand Theft Auto series, it has one of the wackiest stories in the series so far. Although GTA V has some funny parts and interesting moments, action packed game play, this game has a story unlike any other. It's not as serious as many of the others however it does have a serious undertone. After 1000+ hours of playing this game, here's a few pros and cons.

-Mod friendly, even on steam. Multi Theft Auto and many others add to this decade old game, and find ways to make it interesting to play if you don't feel like going on killing sprees and carjacking frenzies
-Plenty of fun weapons to use throughout the game, including easy to find pickups and cheats that grant you weapons, whether it be a homing rocket launcher, night vision goggles, or a "play toy"
-The missions make the game what it is. From burning a weed farm, to stealing a project from Area 69, the missions always have me coming back to go through another playthrough.
-The cars have an amazing touch to them. Not sure if that's biased as I'm an avid fan of 80s-90s cars, but they have such a nice touch and give you a large selection from Honda Civic clones to good ol hippie vans.
-The radio has the best music selection out of any Grand Theft Auto to date other than Vice City. That is very biased, but most can agree that it's top notch.

-Still very buggy. I heard there's ways to install updates and patches for the steam version, however I've heard that steam blocked that from working and that some are not fixable. Many of them can infuriate you with the power of 1000 suns. Like entering a building or exiting a building and instantly falling to death for some reason. Or your airplane F**KING blowing up in mid air for no reason.
-Mission difficulty can drive one crazy with this game. Even if you cheat or not, you will have a hair-pulling experience with the pilot training missions. Especially with following the D*MN train CJ!
-Poorly optimized for steam. Out of all the versions to exist of GTA SA on PC, the steam version is objectively the worst version. No matter what car you get and how beautiful, even with a fresh respray, it will have dirt on the sides. There's a patch out there for it but no one wants to install a patch with a game they think is already whole and fixed.

That's the end of that, but there's plenty more on both sides to go around but those have to be the main points to make. In my honest opinion, there's a whole other list for pros with this game, and as for cons those are about the only ones that come to mind.

Should you get this game? Not on steam yikes. Go on G2A or something of the likes and get it for 2-5 bucks. But regardless, I strongly suggest the grand theft auto for those getting into the series or those looking for the best blast from the past available.
Posted November 24, 2019.
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There will never be games/mods like this, at least in my eyes. A parallel look at what happens in Black Mesa and what characters/groups are thinking.

First off, to begin, they are plenty of new weapons to use in OF that I think are insanely fun. Blue Shift has an interesting story, but less weapons than HL and OF.

Secondly, the story is superior to that of BS. Although this is heavily opinion based to say, I believe the point of view from the military group is better than the point of view of a guard at Black Mesa.

However, for something less opinion based, here's some points I'll make:
-Servers are still active and include all these fun weapons
-Amazing ambient music and action-paced music
-Difficult but not crazily difficult (adds difficulty from HL and removes complexity from certain aspects like the whole Silo section vs. The Pit Worm chapter)
-Almost double the amount of sections than in Blue Shift, but slightly less than Half-Life

All in all, strongly recommend BUT I suggest owning the first Half-Life game before playing as it'll be insanely confusing.
Posted November 14, 2019.
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This has tons of mixed reviews.

One of the better stories in the GTA series
Graphics are nice and atmosphereic
Weapons are fun and it's better than the older games to go on shootouts
Cheats are way more accessible than the previous games, and in the latest GTA
Cars from GTA SA are updated and look more like the cars they were based off of

Not much clothes variety
Driving is like Disney Princesses on ice
Limited Ammo with weapons
Taking any sort of damage, being pushed lightly, hitting the wrong thing, or falling slightly can get rid of the cheat menu in an instant
Less unique vehicles, more generic cars
Sometimes confusing mission objectives and overall confusing map

It may seem like more cons than pros, but it's up to you. For me, the pros outweigh the cons and this game is one of my favorites in the series with Vice City. All in all, this game is up to the player, not just me.

TL;DR - Buy it, play it yourself. If it sucks or doesn't work tweak the experience/game or refund.
Posted October 14, 2017.
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Alrighty, I may not have a lot of hours for this game however for a game as simple as this, 2 hours works fine.

When I first heard of this game, I was so tired of it. "Yo dude you should get this game" "Hey, do you have this game already?" "When are you going to get it, it's fun!". I was purely sick of it. However, I decided to glance at at the page for the game. It hooked me in. I decided to download it and play with one of my friends who was currently playing it. I skipepd the tutorial cause I thought it was for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I was wrong as I didn't know how to pick up weapons, use a flashlight, or open doors. After a good 30 minutes pressing every key in a match, I got a hang of everything. Unlike most modern zombie games, if you die, you don't hear the usual banter (That ♥♥♥♥ is what drives me away). It was all fun and stuff, and rarely any hate/banter if you died. Usually an lol or something else considering most if not all deaths were cause people got cornered or hit a table or something behind them. Not a lot of the weapons are OP, and it runs a very small amount of servers, however it's enough for a lot of people.

TL;DR - One of the best zombie games out there, as well as having one of the best communities for it. Or, at least the nicest.
Posted October 1, 2017.
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Itz a gud gaem
Posted July 22, 2015.
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