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| steamname: ShockeM
| steam3ID: [U:1:53379851]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:1:26689925
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:

:Lightning: TRADING RULES:

1. If you have a private profile I will not accept it.
2. DO NOT ADD ME - Post on a trade or send an offer.
3. Please leave a discription of what you are offering in my comments if you havent already contacted me on
4. Lowballs will be declined.
5. No Paypal or Paysafe.
6. If you have any concerns other then trading please direct them to my consultant Mercy.
Active Trades: I am officially done with trading :)
Fun little video of n0thing and tarik raging :D

*DEAD* focs : you guys are better than IBP
*DEAD* focs : congrats
*DEAD* -Hunter- : thanks

*DEAD* priZm : Shockem i've played with you before
priZm : it's funny cause you were a faggot then and you're still a faggot now lmao

♛ Saosin ♕:
♛ Saosin ♕:

sirhC : shockem has a deag
sirhC : so its like a buy round
sirhC : no pls
sirhC : ill be rooting for you at the deagle international 2015

Radeon° : Report for ShockemBopper submitted, report id 3035279177214328884.

*DEAD* Lush : schockem i have played you before i remember how gay you play

Cloud9 CS seang@res <HyperX>: we made a mistake

*DEAD* paNwon : ur pro shockem

*DEAD* NEYC Heino : shockem what kind of peek is that? lol
ShockeM : i call it
ShockeM : the shockem boppem
NEYC Heino : yah i bet
NEYC Heino : sign u up

*DEAD* NEYC Heino : shockem i know the owner of netcode guides, i can get u tryout if u want.
*DEAD* NEYC Heino : cause ur insane
ShockeM : do you tho
NEYC Heino : i do

*DEAD* ✔boomy똥붐이™ : lol shockem
*DEAD* ShockeM : ?
*DEAD* boomy똥붐이™ : you want it that bad huh
*DEAD* ShockeM : what
*DEAD* boomy똥붐이™ : how many yall niggas got it
*DEAD* ShockeM : what?
*DEAD* boomy똥붐이™ : pls little boy
boomy똥붐이™ : so ez 2 c
boomy똥붐이™ : o k

*DEAD* toddi- : people here play to win
*DEAD* ShockeM : im winning

*DEAD* preFyR : Shockem you're so full of shit haha
*DEAD* Mr. D : 2good
*DEAD* preFyR : never misses haha

*DEAD* aGx // -Dirtyhorton : you are the luckiest kid i have ever met

*DEAD* 1DeeVo : you're triggerbotting
*DEAD* 1DeeVo : so sad
*DEAD* 1DeeVo : shockem
*DEAD* 1DeeVo : that triggerbot is mega blatant

Hiko: idk who this shockem guy is but he is NUTS

TM: This kid is cheating, I have never seen anyone do that before.

*DEAD* Nurfed : lmao
*DEAD* Nurfed : you fucking sketchball as always

*DEAD* Clark : insta headshot everytime
*DEAD* Clark : be obvious
*DEAD* Clark : its okay : I knew shockem was familiar
hus : real fag shit to call cheats pregame and then do that

*DEAD* KeNZ : i guess smoke is invis to u

PostmaN : why are u kids gettin boosted to ranks ur arent supposed to be on

dwreck : stfu hacker
*DEAD* dwreck : shockems wall hacking
*DEAD* dwreck : reported

*DEAD* armo : shockem are you walling
*DEAD* armo : friend says you are
*DEAD* ShockeM : lol what
ShockeM : no?
Zem : he just jump peeked an awper
Zem : is that a joke
armo : lol

*DEAD* Pwnji : rofl u blatant shitty
*DEAD* Pwnji : prefire more
*DEAD* Pwnji : enjoy ur bans, u kids cant fucking cheat they the fuck u even try ffs
*DEAD* Pwnji : just rush long with a dumb smoke and 3 flashes and seed aimbot us all hurr durr ggwp
Pwnji : this can be registered as the most blatant shitty game ive had for this week

*DEAD* Pwnji : hahahahha
PostmaN : nice prefire LOL
McLOVIN : stronk sixt sense
Pwnji : just get banned already

mEEny <Blank> : please report shockem if u aren't going to kick
mEEny <Blank> : ty

*DEAD* Zantetsu : why would you care about smoke
*DEAD* Zantetsu : toggle on and fuckit

Black Con : ok kid
Black Con : u guys have unreal peeks
*DEAD* jacoвson : we're gods among men
Black Con : im basically saying one of u faggots are cheating

l337SharkNinja : I'm actually pretty good, but the level of hacking is unreal

TAU | Condor : i enjoy when faggots toggle for 2nd half

Fragmasters* 4^k : hes literally
Fragmasters* 4^k : prefire headshotting us

[51]nitr0 : ur cheating
*DEAD* [51]decipLe : CHEATERS
*DEAD* [51]decipLe : CHEATERS
*DEAD* [51]nitr0 : ur cheating
*DEAD* [51]decipLe : i hate u n ur cheating buddy
*DEAD* [51]decipLe : i really hate the 2nd half toggle that u guys do
*DEAD* [51]nitr0 : lol kid ur so obvious

The Loser Who Eats Vegetables : shockem i havent seen a reaction time like that since kqly hacking accuasations

talc : but you cant cheat on esea right?
ShockeM ♛ : i dont cheat
talc : ok lmao

● *DEAD* ShockeM : wat
*DEAD* brndon : elite
*DEAD* brndon : awesome

named : i might leave
named : and come back way better

fapwing : i hope to never have a mist mission again
fapwing : i cant believe people like u exist
fapwing : u guys only q mist, your ranks are invalid
fiveeyes : it's like office globals, it's funny because how bad they are
fapwing : this map is awful, much like u guys
fapwing : wow such global elites

shortehh : you are why the community is shit
shortehh : congrats

*DEAD* PatrickJane-eX- : upper wtf
PatrickJane-eX- : didnt know dat there is a wallbang

*DEAD* schwissig : ?
Beast : shockem, that was the randiest thing I have seen all night

*Dead* NIVED-dA-k1ng: who checks that ledge?
*Dead* NIVED-dA-k1ng: random as hell

Shockem_ : pheonix
Phoenix212 : oh hi
Shockem_ : my dick isnt going to suck itself
ares069 : LOL
Phoenix212 : sorry to hear that
ares069 : LOLOL
StolenBread : LOL
Nelly: LOL

ShockeM : outplayed retard
✪ cowboy : ShockeM : outplayed retard
✪ wigg : OOOH SHI
✪ cowboy : ShockeM : outplayed retard
✪ cowboy : ShockeM : outplayed retard
maazy-iwnl- : .stats shock
✪ shr1mp : .stats shock
✪ cowboy : .stats shock
✪ shr1mp : ???
ShockeM : LOL
✪ cowboy : ???

*DEAD* Lectron : shokem there are no limits for u
*DEAD* Lectron : u will cheat blatantly in a championship

Yeah: Shockem more like loser

RAICHU: i'm like your lawyer of knives
ShockeM^: yea you are
RAICHU: it's my job
RAICHU: to make sure you're informed
RAICHU: before you go forward

zone: lol
zone: i love how a guy with 8 rws and 10 karma
zone: who plays every month
zone: is calliong me a dumb nigger
zone: insane

Wrath: Shockem.... You are Jesus
Wrath: I need to speak with your father

Silent Assassin: nice hax

DoX : how do you keep going the 1 place we have a gap every round when we change up where the gap is.. pretty amazing 3rd sense

Hydrian Papers [pH]: Autistic Alex's Armrest?
Hydrian Papers [pH]: oh god
ShockeM_ ϟ: no

ShockeM : isnt this map ct sided?
the baddest : its virgin sided
the baddest : u guys win
mehow : hackers side map

*DEAD* gmL : a running ak...
*DEAD* Shockem_ : hi
gmL : lmaooooooooooo
gmL : should see the shots shockem is hittinggg
gmL : lmao

gmL : hey look its the pugstar of all pugstars

aleze10: You probobly think your good
aleze10: You're not

LeX: yea your cheating

chris.dnl : dude who hacks and pretends he's amazing

*DEAD* D - xMURDAx - M : brah
wh1te : LOL nice wall u cunt
D - xMURDAx - M : brah
chris.dnl : be more blatant bro
D - xMURDAx - M : brah
chris.dnl : faggot more?
chris.dnl : hack more?
wh1te : i hear 20 dig SIDs help too
chris.dnl : more more?
chris.dnl : more more?

*DEAD* FriskyPanda : shock you are bs l
*DEAD* FriskyPanda : yeah you still are bs

vVv jvw : that was actually a nutty chain spray shockem, lol
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✪ TiCx 🐧💛 Sep 15 @ 7:40pm 
Blessed and humbled to account that I just purchased a second-hand soundbar to go with my brand new 70 inch TV. When your cousin gets fired from his job for insubordination and needs cash, that’s capitalism knocking. Just as Adam Smith intended.
✪ TiCx 🐧💛 Sep 12 @ 3:09pm 
Well, the 70 inch TV I purchased is being installed in my corner-unit apartment today. I’ve instructed the delivery guys to arrive at 5:00 and then slowly carry the TV into my apartment as other residents are getting home from work. Give them a brief view of the good life.
i am a mustang
Sol Aug 31 @ 9:29am 
Contrary to popular belief, this "man" is actually a 43 year old DHL delivery truck driver going by the name "Deltrese". Don't you believe "his" lies...
FRAGGEDbyREMOTE Aug 24 @ 9:04pm 
we were having sex (Club Penguin) online and flirt for many hours,,time pass and we get taken down ♥♥♥♥ing and i pulle out my ♥♥♥♥♥ (5.5 inche) but then this girl (???) also take out ♥♥♥♥

Maverick Aug 15 @ 6:40pm 
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