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Qt❤ Mar 19 @ 9:32pm 
I have 75$ on steam I’ll gift if he gives me something
Colour Blind Bomb Squad Mar 15 @ 6:33am 
Rhys wants arma3 so he can stop playing colossal gaming
Qt❤ Feb 22 @ 1:22am 
+rep Rice kinda gnay ngl made spetzgay dead then got 1LT delta then hopped to 75th then left because he can't stand up for himself after being bullied and then joined tali pulled and Ashlee got in to is is then sucked Aleo off, then idk what happened next tbh, is he still a Rice ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, is he back in the US jumping, is he still bullying jakey about bhopping who knows! Find out next on our story - Spy Joel
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🎫 [ Calvin and Hobbes Quotes ] 🌋
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Some people are pragmatists, taking things as they come and making the best
of the choices available. Some people are idealists, standing for principle and
refusing to compromise. And some people just act on any whim that enters their
heads. I pragmatically turn my whims into principles! -- Calvin

Life is full of surprises but never when you need one.
-- Calvin

The real fun of living wisely is that you get to be smug about it.
-- Calvin
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Lach Jul 11, 2019 @ 10:37pm 
+rep stole my diamonds
Hazza Apr 25, 2019 @ 3:11am 
+rep has a cute dog