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My name is Salem.
I am 18 years old.
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My hobbies are Gaming and making videos.
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WARNING Before starting: Ravioli, ravioli, don't lewd the dragon loli.

This anime is incredibly cute, if you can't stand kittens that are disguised as dragons, back off! it's contagious.

Short Summary: One adult office worker named Kobayashi was visited by a Dragon named Tooru/Tohru in her human form.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Slice Of Life

This is one of those animes that will make you actually smile, It has a very really cute tone set into place. Even if you don't like Moe/Slice-Of-Life, this could be a great starting point if you really like to start trying out this type of anime.

The comedy may not be as powerful as some other popular animes, but it's still one of those anime's you would enjoy and even have a little chuckle at some episodes.

The studio that created this anime is: Kyoto Animation. (I don't get why they aren't mentioned in steam.)
They also made: Lucky☆Star, K-ON, Clannad, Koe no Katachi, Nichijou, which are remarkable animes and movie, that it even deserves to be mentioned in this review.

As for the issues: The player that steam uses is really bad and since it's a stream people with bad connection cannot rejoice this amazing anime due to this Steam Player, i recommend going to Crunchyroll and watching it from there instead of buying it off steam, but i won't stop you purchasing it here if you have a stable connection and don't mind about the steam player.
Test it here:

Story: In most slice of life anime the story is almost non-existent because it branches off from what happens at the start, but from a slice of life view it's perfectly made.

Art/Animation: Really beautifully made that the characters and places are screenshot-worthy.

Sound: Trust me, if you actually really pay attention and listen to the opening and ending and actually understood Japanese you would love this, and it's really cute. (Sadly this is not translated by Crunchyroll)

Character Design: This anime really cares about it's characters and makes you feel about them, there are few notable characters that will appear in episodes are really cool.

Overall Rating: 11/10 dragons.

Mind i also tell you: This anime is THICCCCCCCCC.

Once finishing this anime if you do, I recommend you to read the Manga it's really funny.

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