the man without a plan
Sick Youtube Channel yo:

eSports achievements
S18 Video Game Gamer Guys - World Champions of Division 6J
S19 Skive and the Noobs - Skive didn't carry
S20 Dangerous Divas - R.I.P. // FPÖ - ???
S21 Video Game Gamer Guys pls
S30 Big Juice - JUICY BOYS OOF

Trynn is a poser homosexual

"...a Brahmin, a Ksahtriya or a Vaishya husband, who forces his wife to drink his semen out of lust and to enforce his control, is thrown in a river of semen, which he is forced to drink." Vishnu's might in action
-Made by a very famous, anonymous artist. Truly a piece of art.

--==-- Beautiful Quotes --==--

"This filthy yank will disgrace your untainted ground"

14:42 - Esteb4n: do it dogy and habe a laptop on her back
14:43 - Esteb4n: what the pros do

20:28 - ReseF#MERC: BITCH U KNO IT

22:35 - D! mix: R is for ragekid
22:35 - D! mix: A is for Assholesniffer
22:35 - D! mix: Z is for dragonball Z which is actually p cool i guess
22:35 - D! mix: I is for Idiot
22:35 - D! mix: E is for extraordinarily retarded
22:36 - D! mix: L is for I like to Lick assholes i sniffed
22:36 - Raziel: 5/6, not bad

Makara: she said i had good nipples
Makara: they look like pepproni

Raziel: Your heart has always been as black as the dick that fucked you when you were young
Andemand ♥: Only dick I feel fucked is my own

--== End of Beautiful Quotes <3 --==--
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