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Shameless Advertising:

I sell artwork of your chosen class/loadout!
If you would like to purchase artwork:

- Comment
- Add me
- Send a message


- Headshot: 2 keys
- Waist-up: 3 keys

This helps with artwork delivery, and so that you can provide screenshots and other information.
I prefer to be paid before I start the commission, however I will make exceptions where necessary.


Status Info:

OpenCanvas6/Blender : I would prefer if you didn't message me while I am using these. It's difficult to concentrate and keep up my motivation otherwise.
- That being said, I don't like telling people to go away, so I will answer you if you message. Try to be considerate and realise that I probably just want to get on with work. Don't message me.

In-Game/Online : Feel free to message, I'll answer when I can.

Offline : I'm asleep or I actually left the house. It's best not to try, but I'll get the message when I come online again, so still feel free of it isn't urgent.
That and I want to commison you, if your CQ is full thats fine, i can wait
ah, a fellow lazy purple art ♥♥♥♥♥♥i spagetti
mf steel Nov 13 @ 2:50pm 
Bub Oct 28 @ 7:09pm 
Hope it's ok that I sent a friend request just to be friends. It's been forever since I've played with you!
Appreax Aug 15 @ 8:59pm 
I am super sorry, did not realize comissions were closed. I guess it was fair to assume I wouldn't read!
Appreax Aug 15 @ 8:58pm 
Looking to commission you.