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Latest Bot Info
Bot will remove you from friends after 48hrs of inactivity (Temporary), you can add back anytime.
Restocks are slower due to the 7 day trade hold on keys, courtesy of valve.
Stock is added usually in the mornings when keys unlock, the amount of stock depends on how many keys are available for that day.

Current Rates
Buy sets: 17 sets for 1 CS:GO key.
Buy sets with gems: 1 set for 250 gems.
Sell your sets: 19 sets for 1 CS:GO key.
Sell your sets for gems: 1 set for 200 gems.

The bot will create all trades for you at the current buy/sell rates

General Commands - Type these in private chat with the bot
The bot will check how many sets it has for you that you can buy and craft.

!buy [amount]
example: !buy 10
If you want to buy sets from the bot use this command followed by the amount of keys you want to use.

!buygems [amount]
example: !buygems 25
If you want to buy sets from the bot with gems use this command followed by how many sets you want to buy.

!level [x]
example: !level 666
Use this followed by a level number and the bot will tell you how many sets you need to reach that level and how much in keys or gems it will cost you.

See the full list of commands you can use with this bot.

If you have any problems or questions please post in our support thread
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@Rainbow Dash Yes this is pointed out in the FAQ, if you have multiple stacks of gems it wont read them all, so stacking them all together the bot will see them all just fine.

Its a known issue that i hope to fix up soon, all depends on the future of bots.
@Warren i am trying to restock as much as possible, atm sellers dont seem to be trading their sets, im not sure why this is or if they are having trouble but i am trying to get it stocked asap.

Aside from that if cs:go keys are locked then its impossible to stock via sellers until they unlock.
Cian 11 hours ago 
Have a nice day ! :Hear_m:
✪ Rainbow Dash 14 hours ago 
ok this bot is broken. I have 320 tradeble gems, and he said that i have only 156...I tried at other bots and they say i have 320.
Warren 17 hours ago