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The Nation | ESEA-O [S19]
MirG | CEVO-IM [S8]
MirG | ESEA-O [S20]
KrakN | CEVO-IM [S9]
KrakN | ESEA-O [S22 +playoffs]
Team Verti | ESEA-O [S24] 4-1
nuts2butts | ESEA-O [S25 +playoffs] 11-5
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru | ESEA-O [S26] 5-3
Magic 8 ball | ESEA-IM [S26] 0-3
S27 - washed up
SkylineGG | ESEA-IM [S28] 0-3
Halal Fraggers | ESEA-O [S29] 9-3
East Coast Gamers | ESEA-O [S31] 12-4 (+playoffs 2-1)
Viper's Hit Squad | ESEA-IM [S32] 0-1 (oof)

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That one season the hard carry got kicked for having too much fun at university:
*DEAD* ECNFall : They rely on Shaz getting the opening picks, smoke stuff off and DONT PEEK... Dotty, I wouldnt even go for picks if I were you

Quote Wall:
"this guy's got a nice gamesense" - valens
"really... or some nice sound" - autimatic_ps


Vernz : Normal spot to prefire
Vernz : shazzy a god

*DEAD* W24 : shaz how are you not pro
*DEAD* W24 : lol
● *DEAD* ShazWow : lol
*DEAD* W24 : 6k hrs B+ 10 rws

xen : eldb, did you know shaz is a huge cheater
eldb : he's not? lol
xen : ive seen him cheat many times
eldb : between shaz and I, i'm more likely to be the cheater.. i have connections to skittles and like five different private clients.
xen : you cheat?
eldb : Nope, but I know you're nearly deadbeat retarded to think Shaz cheats.
xen : LOL youre hilarious

*DEAD* Skadoodle : you kids are trash, just lucky as fuck.
*DEAD* Shazk1ng : lma.0
*DEAD* Skadoodle : and shaz you wall 100%

func: yo you played cbble earlier?
func: i just wanna say I watch the demo and you need to increase smooth on aimbot ;)
Shaz: lma.o
func: just a friendly tip ^_^

Putnam Whipple : you could be a lumberjack you hack so hard
Dark : yeah shazwow hacking hard
Dark : man sucks so bad that people gotta hjack on 1200hr accounts
Dark : im sick of your aim awp
Dark : so there your a hacker
Dark : those unhuman reflexes

kev1n: why don't you toggle on client?

*DEAD* NewJanson : this guy is insane
*DEAD* NinjaRAGE : fuck this shit
*DEAD* Kip : way to just full on toggle
*DEAD* Kip : wtf
*DEAD* Kip : why me.

*DEAD* Wikk : shazwow has a trigger on, he killed with his awp without fking aiming

10:07 PM - kinnn : two guys
10:07 PM - kinnn : 'just asked me if I know you
10:07 PM - kinnn : rofl
10:08 PM - kinnn : asking me also if you cheat
10:08 PM - ShazWow: HAHAHA

*DEAD* zeeteek : shaz
*DEAD* zeeteek : how many nutty fucking shots
*DEAD* zeeteek : r u gonna hit on me
*DEAD* zeeteek : today

SmpL- : shazwow sketchies player I've seen in awhile
ShazWow : ty
SmpL- : not a good thing
Neverflow : lol

sfX -x1-: no joke
sfX -x1-: you have alot of potential
sfX -x1-: your reaction time and aim duels are good
ShazWow: ty
and trollerino jokes:

Jared: when i fight ducks
Jared: i use my bear hands

eldb: i question anus
ShazWow: hey
ShazWow: if you wear a condom
ShazWow: it's all the same
eldb: tru tru
ShazWow: all the jokes about wrapping it
ShazWow: <here>
eldb: im gonna wrap a rope around my neck

Call_Me_BDJ: shaz you weeb
ShazWow: nigga
Call_Me_BDJ: sakura spirt
Call_Me_BDJ: smdh
ShazWow: sakura my dick faggot
Call_Me_BDJ: wow
Call_Me_BDJ: thats hot

ShazWow: I think I just won
JWL: what is it?
ShazWow: the best
ShazWow: thing to ever grace the earth with it's presence
JWL: how you ever had a girlfriend
JWL: is beyond me

Shaz: lol I bet once on csgohunt, now I'm done
Shaz: I know when to pull out
Shaz: ;)
Joy: ;o lol gg
Joy: At least we know you won't have kids soon lol