Comment before to add or anything or feel free to add me ^w^

I don't fucking make trades, unless you send a honest offer (and if youre a bot or scammer, go kys !)

Art made by Amazing Katsuke


And recently i got attacked by a pig shithead hacker, but now im safe again.

Im just a nerdy, crazy and funny guy who loves so much games and mainly them with interesting stories ! anyways feel free to watch my profile and stuffs !
by the way check and watch my Furaffinity []
More stuffs owo
There are "smart" guys, who are pretending to be me->

Disgust xenophobics and racists cunts (avoid all cost that kind of people)->

Rules for keep as my friend, please follow x3

1. Dont be a pussy
2. Dont add only for trade
3. AVOID in all situations, say "Lol or Lmao", that stffus are shit.
4. Be nice and dont be mean x3
5. Have fun x3


You will look at me, will judge, jump to conclusions, but you will not know me.

I'm not unfriendly. I just do not think I have an obligation to laugh at everyone.


I've been a furry since 2015 and I saw so many stupid things in that time. So many stupid guys who want only to trade, liars, or abusive people, and other kinds. So don't think I'll like you cause you're my buddy. You'll be tested to have my trust. x3 *Whisper* I'll give you a cookie. OwO

Scammers Roasted: 15

I can be friendly and silly, don't worry cause I won't bite... so much :3

Discord: Dewtail#5755
Telegram: DewtailSharky

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Likes: Game, music, RP, make friends, sharks and cookies :3
Dislikes: Liars, Hackers and mean people
Career: Student, Digital artist (Soon), animator(Soon) and game designer (Soon)
RP:Yus ! I mainly love to make story RPs
ERP: Yup
Dom/Sub: Dom
Relationship: Taken by a lovely folf <3 (12/6/2019)

Name Dewtail
Nickname Dew, Dewy, Details or Montain Dew (everyone calls me cause that soda ! xD)
Age 19-22 in shape (Original age 117)
Specie Shark (unknow specie)

Personality Is a silly and caring person who cares a lot about his friend, even acting like a crazy or creep one he has a big heart, he only wants have someone for love and have fun ( play or joke)...Has a small patience and its very aggressive when angry.

Body The body is almost muscular, with arms, legs, abs and chest.....He has a hair coloris fully green(it looks like Riptide's hair), with a skin color outside blue and white inside and having green stripes on his tail


The WW1 started, a shark losted his family and all what he loved, he got forced to join the in the army for fight to the country what he was living (Germany)...After the war, he got luck for survive...Years passed and the WW2 was starting when the scientists of the nazi army were trying make a test of super soldier, Dewtail was soldier for tests with the element what was called 624,but they didn't know that element was containing a demonic entinty there, and the result made him get imortal for years, and making him be a half demon shark what destroys everything infront of him, even hes been a good person with a personality docile he refused to fight and ran away 2 years before to the war ends....But he stills with his age like 19-22 years. After so many time passed Dew was guilty into his concious and sanity about his past but he tries to find a way to be a normal shark
After this all he lives in nice conditions with a big house and stuffs, cause as he was in the war he looted some stuffs what would cost fortunes from the own army and nobody noticed.
Artwork Showcase
Rainbow Six Siege
Anxiety 11 Jun @ 4:15am
"You will look at me, will judge, jump to conclusions, but you will not know me."
- Dewtail

Dewtail, you remind me of TheCrimsonDragon with these wise words.

Too many haters judge just by the apperances.
+REP to the good/neutral side of the furries.
And you are one of them.
I like your personality.
[T,H,W] L,D Logaia Jun 20 @ 9:24am 
hoi hoi -w-
Robux 4 Days Jun 18 @ 9:39am 
jfk Live your life be happy dude
Solair Jun 17 @ 2:01pm 
Awnt <3