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Posted: Feb 18 @ 1:40am
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The storyline of Uncanny Valley is well-written and very creepy, unfolding in a world where human-like machines are on a mission to turn everyone into androids. The stores are still filled with food and necessities because the androids maintain humanlike behaviors and carry on the daily work. This setup creates tension between survival instincts and the looming android threat. The takeover of machines adds a layer of horror, and the focus on behaving "normal" in this dystopian world adds an intriguing dynamic.


Uncanny Valley is an intense yet short experience that kicks off with a surprising encounter with a real girl named Eva. The game throws you into a dilemma right from the start – do you help her or play it off as if you're just another android? Of course, I tried to help her.


Eva turned out to be a pretty nice girl, bestowing new hope in this awful apocalyptic world. When the decision arises to join Eva on a journey to her mom's house, the challenges intensify in the dark, prompting more life-or-death choices.

As we ran for our lives, the time-based decisions add a thrilling aspect to the story. The stakes are high, with one wrong turn leading to a swift demise, and there are surprisingly many ways in this game to meet a grim end.

The game encourages exploration of different outcomes with a convenient back button, making it easy to redo decisions without relying on save/load options.

Sound & Graphics
Even though it's made by AI, the game does a great job of creating a spooky atmosphere with cool sound effects like shattering glass in the distance, making it feel like the end of the world. The graphics are decent, the androids look creepy, and Eva is just cute as a button.


Final Verdict
Despite the game being very short (it took me 40 minutes to finish), Uncanny Valley delivers a satisfying yet open-ended experience. Although the game might not be for everyone, it's AI generated images and sound and the short time it takes to finish this, I still enjoyed it very much. The unexpected ending leaves me contemplating the consequences of my choices in this eerie world and I am desperately hoping for a next chapter or part. One achievement seems to be out of my reach. I tried many different options, but to no avail.

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