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Posted: Jan 2 @ 5:05am
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Heaven's got great WiFi, but Hell has all the best stories.

Repurpose is an interesting visual novel that goes beyond the exploration of the afterlife. The story starts with a unique idea: after people pass away, instead of going to typical afterlife places, they end up in a reimagined Garden of Eden within Limbo.

The protagonist, along with a diverse group of characters, go on a journey that's not just about personal redemption but also about finding purpose and meaningful connections in the afterlife. The story has different paths based on your choices, leading towards different relationships with others and different endings, adding to the replay value.

The game has themes like identity, love, and the search for meaning. Each character has their own stories, desires, and struggles.

Right from the start, the game showed a commitment to being inclusive and diverse. I liked that I could choose my gender identity and experiment with how it affected my interactions and experiences in the game world. It showed that the developers really wanted to make the game welcoming to everyone.

The writing wasn't just interesting; it really sucked me into the characters lives. The character designs looks nice, and the interactions feel real and heartwarming. The pacing of the stories is well done.


Everything in the visuals, from the interesting characters to the varied and well-detailed backgrounds, shows how much effort and talent the artistic team put in. The 60+ CGs aren't just pictures; they give a peek into the characters feelings and important moments in the story.


The backgrounds look nice and are fun to look at. They are carefully designed, adding to the world-building and making the story more interesting.

Lots of unique sprites make each character stand out, showing their individuality in how they express themselves. These detailed sprites help connect the dialogue with what you see on the screen.

The fact that most of the cast and the development team identify as queer brings an extra layer of realness to the story, something you might not find in other games. Each character feels authentic, and the storytelling is heartfelt.


Final Verdict
If you're looking for a deep and emotional afterlife story, Repurpose is a great option. It's attention to diversity, interesting storytelling, and inclusive gameplay make it a recommended choice for anyone wanting a touching and inclusive visual novel.

Otome Lovers wishes to thank Repurpose Studios for providing a free review copy for this game.

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