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Posted: Jan 21 @ 10:38am
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Early Access Review
Not for the faint hearted, this game let's you eat your Pal, yum

The story begins with the MC entering Palworld, a magical place filled with charming landscapes and adorable creatures called Pals.

At first, everything seems perfect, with Pals and humans living together in harmony. The Pals, with their unique abilities and lovable personalities, work alongside humans.

However, this peaceful balance is disrupted by a group of poachers who threaten Palworld's harmony. As these poachers target the sanctuaries of rare and endangered Pals, a danger emerges, forcing you to confront the darker side of this once-idyllic realm.

Palworld provides a diverse and colorful gameplay experience in its imaginative universe.

You catch Pals with some sort of Pokeball and have to free those that are captured by poachers. One funny aspect is that you can even capture these humans (poachers) in the same balls. However this is frowned upon and not ethical. But it's perfectly fine to kill these poacher. Makes sense.

As you dive into this open-world survival and crafting adventure, you'll encounter a variety of fun activities:
  • Companion Dynamics:
    Pals, your adorable companions, play crucial roles in exploration, farming, and battling poachers. Each Pal has unique skills and quirks, making them valuable allies.

  • Versatile Roles for Pals:
    Experiment with different Pals and their skills for effective strategies in various tasks.

  • Survival:
    To survive requires certain steps and challenging decisions—sometimes, even making the tough choice of EATING your own Pals when the situation demands it. Yum.

  • ARK similar level system:
    Earn experience through various in-game activities, such as hunting, crafting, or exploring. Leveling up grants access to new abilities and items.

  • Craft Armors & Weapons:
    Gather materials to craft armor and weapons needed to face challenges.

  • Exploration and Mounts:
    Travel the world on your Pals by land, sea and sky.

  • Combat system:
    You can bring along up to six Pals, with one of them fighting by your side. Whether it's confronting poachers, engaging in battles with other Pals, or exploring dungeons and taking on challenging bosses.

  • Building and Automation:
    Build structures and automate tasks with the help of your Pals.

  • Multiplayer Mayhem:
    Enjoy online co-op play with friends, facing challenges, battling foes, and trading Pals. Future updates will introduce player versus player (PvP) gameplay.

Graphics & Sounds
Palworld looks really good with its stunning graphics. It has vibrant meadows, tall mountains, and mysterious dungeons, all designed with beautiful colors and details. The smooth transitions between different areas make exploring feel exciting.

Some of the Pals might look a bit strange, unnatural or creepy; it seems like they tried to make them look like Pokemon, oerhaps to an extent that comes across as trying too hard.

The game has a day-night cycle that adds to the gameplay. The changing lighting conditions create different atmospheres, making the game world more interesting. Whether it's a sunrise or a moonlit night, Palworld has diverse beauty.

Fun sound effects add to the overall experience, making the game even more enjoyable.

Final Verdict
The adorable Pals are the stars here, each one bringing joy (or nightmares). The charming visuals tell a story, from lively landscapes to the little quirks of your "cute" companions. Who wouldn't love a Pokemon lookalike with a machine gun, riding on your head?

But there's more to Palworld than just its cuteness. It offers a fun gameplay experience where you can farm, build, and explore with your Pals. Mount them for long journeys across land, sea, and sky, adding an extra layer of charm to your adventures.

While this game, might not be for everyone, and it's long-lasting appeal remains uncertain, I still highly recommend this game.

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