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Posted: Nov 17, 2023 @ 12:05am
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Early Access Review
"I'm Lady Marion, and if you haven't heard of me, you're obviously not from around here."

Keep in mind this review is based on the Early Access version, with only one available route. More routes will be released once they are completed.

Made Marion is a kickstarter, adventure, fantasy, indie, otome game created by Velvet Cupcake Games. The game is inspired by the stories and medieval times of Robin Hood, but instead it follows the leading lady, Marion, set in the magical land of Avalon. What seems, on the surface, to be a political struggle between the sheriff and Robin Hood, but something much darker lurks in the shadows.


Lady Marion, a young noblewoman, is removed from her position of power by her father. He wants to send her off to marry (the rather young and sexy) Lord Geoffrey, the Sheriff of Nottingham, in an arranged marriage. There are two distinct paths to choose from, with each path having its own set of love interests and different storylines. The game has 7 love interests in total, of which 2 are LGBTQ+ romance options. Face your "destiny" and plan to marry Lord Geoffrey or fight your fate and escape from the arranged marriage. The choice is yours. Will you become a spy or a benevolent fighter? Will you form an alliance with the freedom fighters to face the Sheriff? The biggest question: will you find love? Although at this moment only Robin's route is available.

Sherwood Love Interests:
- Robin of Locksley: The leader of the freedom fighters and a big flirt.
- John: Will's half brother and second in command, a friendly giant, he is so dreamy.
- Will the Scarlet Blade: John's half brother, a bit of a hothead, but who doesn't like a "bad boy" hothead?

Nottingham Love Interests:
- Lord Geoffrey: Also called the Sherrif of Notthingham, so mysterious and dark.
- Meissa: A kind and a bit naughty sage.
- Alanna Dale: A bard that works in Geoffrey's court.
- Gui la Londe: A handsome knight.

The world of Made Marion has a very interesting lore and political intrigue with different civilizations, traditions and laws, and is full of magical creatures. Anything you can imagine is possible.

The developers thankfully abandoned outdated damsel cliches and gave us a strong, spunky and admirable heroine. Lady Marion feels very relatable, with her conflicting emotions, inner struggles, insecurities and feelings of shame, all the while still trying to be ladylike and making the right decisions (or not), with a mature yet comical undertone. Making her easily loveable and enjoyable to play.


Graphics and sounds

Made Marion is a gorgeous and stunning game with a compelling storyline that sucks you in from beginning to end. The game has a beautiful fully voiced lore introduction and a very well polished graphical user interface. Amazing sound effects with stunning classical instrumental background music like flutes, harps and lutes setting the medieval atmosphere and making you feel totally immersed in arion's world. Sometimes I just turn on the game to listen to the beautiful and relaxing music and sound effects. The CG and background art is drop dead gorgeous and very well drawn. The love interests are truly a handsome bunch.


I can't wait for more routes to unlock so I can finally be with my favorite love interest. My obsessive love for Lord Geoffrey. I'm calling dips on that one fellow Otome Lovers :P Actually all the sprites seem handsome, very interesting, with each their own appeal and (eventually) a background story, they are well made. I think I might be in love with all of them (sorry Lord Geoffrey, I will (try) to be forever faithful). Unfortunately, not all handsome sprites will be romanceable. The developer, however, has hinted that one of the most handsome of them all,Layton Tuck is a romanceable love interest with an upcoming DLC(Made Marion: Light and Shadow).


I can not express this strongly enough. I highly recommend this game, although it is still in early access and only one route is available, it is a must buy for all fans of Otome, worth every penny. I am looking forward to what the future brings for Made Marion.

Otome Lovers wishes to thank Velvet Cupcake Games for providing free review copies for this game.

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