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Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 12 @ 12:12pm

The Storm

Escape from the ship
Unlocked May 12 @ 12:49pm

Heart of Darkness

Find a boat for use in the jungle
Unlocked May 19 @ 12:23am

Breaching the Tunnels

Successfully defend the tunnel entrance
Unlocked May 19 @ 1:45am

The Cinema

Clear out the cinema
Unlocked May 19 @ 6:03am

Military Base

Gain access to a long-range radio station
Unlocked May 19 @ 6:35am

Combat on the roof

Survive the horde on the roof
Unlocked May 19 @ 1:29am

Henderson Town

Reach Henderson
Unlocked May 19 @ 6:55am

Meeting Serpo

Make pact with Serpo
Unlocked May 19 @ 11:55am

The Docks

Enter the docks in Quarantine Zone
Unlocked May 19 @ 12:33pm

You've tricked me once

Finish the game
Unlocked May 26 @ 5:20am


Finish all quests in the game
Unlocked May 25 @ 2:07pm

Mystery solved

Find all the secret files
Unlocked May 20 @ 4:53am

Obtain level 50

Obtain level 50
Unlocked May 27 @ 11:58am

Obtain level 70

Obtain level 70
Unlocked May 19 @ 12:16am

Siege Hammer

Install a total of 5 barricades during hub defense
Unlocked May 29 @ 1:56pm

Dream Team

Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners
Unlocked May 20 @ 10:15am

The Collector

Find 50% of collectibles
Unlocked May 25 @ 2:16pm

The Hoarder

Find all collectibles
Unlocked May 25 @ 1:49pm

Professional Tourist

Find all pages from the guide book
Unlocked May 25 @ 11:03am


Kill the Twins
Unlocked May 25 @ 1:10pm

News junkie

Find all the volunteer's voice recordings
Unlocked May 19 @ 6:24am

At Your Service

Rescue 20 NPCs that have been grabbed by monsters
Unlocked May 25 @ 11:21pm

The Hurt Mine Locker

Kill 10 monsters with one mine
Unlocked May 24 @ 1:02pm


Kill 100 monsters with thrown melee weapons
Unlocked May 17 @ 12:07pm


Kill 50 monsters by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head
Unlocked May 20 @ 7:01am


Kill 100 monsters with a kick
Unlocked May 25 @ 10:48pm


Kill 100 monsters using the boat's speed boost
Unlocked May 20 @ 11:52pm


Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks
Unlocked May 20 @ 3:49am

Better than the arm

Kill 25 monsters with a chainsaw
Unlocked May 21 @ 2:59am

Serving Science

Finish quests for Dr. Kessler
Unlocked May 24 @ 12:09pm

First Do No Harm

Finish hospital quests for Cecil
Unlocked May 19 @ 12:20pm

Defeat Harlow

Defeat Harlow
Unlocked May 29 @ 12:14pm

It's an Order

Mark 100 opponents which were then killed by your co-op partners
Unlocked May 19 @ 1:28am

King among Kings

Kill special enemies: Grenadier, Thug, Wrestler, Infected, Suicider, Screamer, Butcher, Floater.
Unlocked May 25 @ 10:42am


Find and kill all the most dangerous monstrosities located in dead zones