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Posted: Aug 7, 2016 @ 3:00am
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Year Walk

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Short Review

A very original, highly stylised 2/2.5D adventure/puzzle game with excellent puzzles. Often I had only a vague idea about what was actually going on but somehow that was all part of its charm. Highly recommended.

Long Review

This is certainly one of the most unusual games I've played in a long time. Essential it's a 2.5D adventure game with puzzles & an interesting if abstract storyline. The game is played in relatively limited area of forested Scandinavia but don't let the limited area put you off. The scenery is full of detail with, often abstract, clues.

The 2.5D gameplay is unique in my experience. You move smoothly to the left and right but depth movement is a sudden rush that moves you between 2D sections. There are prompts on the top and bottom of the screen in the form of arrows that indicate when forwards or backwards movement is possible. There is a map that can be brought up at any time which shows the links between the 2D sections as well as prominent features in the landscape.

There is no hand holding. You are told to use WASD keys and the mouse button to interact and then you're on your own. In fact you're on your own to the point that after the initial intro I really hadn't a clue what I was supposed to do so it was a case of wandering around exploring intially until slowly but surely after visiting places several times the penny dropped on what the puzzles actualyl were.

One of the things I liked about the game is that I often found it more difficult figuring out what the puzzles were than actually solving them.

Whilst I didn't actually find the game outright scarey (with a couple of exceptions when things flashed unexpectedly on the screen) I always had a feel of unease playing it. The fear of the unknown, the strange encounters and the eerie music fed into this.

I certainly recommend reading the integrated Encyclopedia before/whilst playing as it explains what the game is about. It is a good, interesting read.

The game progress saves each time you quit.

  • Beautiful, stylised graphics
  • Well thought out puzzles
  • Hint system
  • I found it pretty difficult
  • The control to interact with objects is pretty tricky
  • Sometimes the hint system just told me stuff I already knew but not what I needed to know
Marks Out Of 5

5) Must have - stop whatever you're playing now and play this
4) Worth the asking price and considering as your next purchase
3) Maybe purchase if you're stuck for choosing your next game or mildly discounted
2) Only purchase if it is heavily discounted
1) Not worth getting even if given away free

Where I got the game from

Bought at Bundle Stars [www.bundlestars.com] as part of the All Stars 6 Bundle

Platform Played On

Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition, 8Gb RAM, Palit GTX 750, Windows 10, EasyAcc Mouse & Steelseries MERC keyboard.

My best guess for a PEGI Rating

12: There are some pretty dark parts to the storyline. PEGI Ratings [www.pegi.info]
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