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Ever wanted to play a video-game that lets you do almost everything? Grand Theft Auto doesn't do it for you?
Then look no further, my friend.

Garry's Mod is the closest you will come to having the ultimate sandbox with a vast sea of user-created content. Be it wielding light-sabers or harry potter wands and running-over anime-girls while driving a Mario kart dressed up as master-chief on a beautiful sunny coast - Garry's mod lets you do exactly that! and even better! you can do it with your friends (or strangers)!

Aside from that - you can create your own scenarios, try out almost an unlimited amount of maps, be a photographer, mess with campaign of other source games, or try the scenarios shared by other users - and even experience multiple game-modes that are trending in the workshop. I can't say enough about this game, you gotta try it for yourself because the amount of content accessible by this game is endless!

Garry's mod showcases the pinnacle of sandbox freedom utilizing the source engine and its capabilities with the support of tons of modders and its beautiful community.

Heck, even you (If you have the coding skills) can create any sort of mod you want. Want to make a drive-able ceramic toilet with nyan-cat thrusters? Go for it. Or, erm, just request for it from one of the notorious modders that work hard to keep this game fresh.

Though it is worth mentioning that the content racks up the game's size (duh!), so if you're if you're having space issues you might need to tone down the mod subscription rate. Garry's mod can be played offline, but it requires a preferably good internet to download the surplus amount of contents you'll most likely subscribe to.
[And uh, data-capped internet users; this game can go from being 15gb to 50gb+ depending on the content you download! so watch out.]

My verdict:
This game is a must have for sandbox lovers who just want's to f*** around (The experience may vary) - and I have to mention that there's always something new to do, so either get it on full price or on sale; it's worth your money regardless. Good gaming!

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