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rip vatican city mascot you will be missed - 8/30/2020

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"you can't be a gamer if you don't eat sand"

"real gamers game naked"

"due to covid: nnn is cancelled"

"i will use my jewgineer powers to directly attack your credit score"

-more to come-
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sparkling Nov 25 @ 3:02am 
added to discuss a trade
CornMaized(NO AUDIO) Nov 23 @ 1:44pm 
sorry about randomly dropping out of the trade, computer died, your offer is good but im gonna pass for now.
im insane Nov 16 @ 8:32pm 
added cause you wanted to offer on my vexed but the request didn't go thru
U ω U Nov 14 @ 1:31pm 
adding to negotiate on an item
b a l l . _ . s ™ Nov 8 @ 4:40pm 
------------- \_ ▄▂_
.........[█|||███████]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄[) +REP
ManBoot Nov 5 @ 4:08pm 
added because you wanted to the darkblaze, however he traded it to me