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Posted: Jun 22, 2015 @ 9:45pm
Updated: Jun 23, 2015 @ 3:28pm

*sigh* where to start. It's 2015, why is a game of this caliber is being locked at 30fps? While the frame rate cap is editable, you have to go into the config to do it instead of the main menu. But that doesn't matter, the game is terribly optimized. Whether it's capped at 30 or 60fps, you'll get major framerate drops. A single GTX 970 isn't even enough to keep it at a stable 30fps, which is completely ludicrous. Warner Brothers should be ashamed of releasing a game like this.

What makes it worse is that, at the very last hour, they edited the Steam sub for the people that got the free Nvidia copy for buying a GTX 970 or 980 so that they wouldn't get the Harley Quinn pre-order bonus. Why do that? You already give away a free game, why take away a little pre-order bonus that everyone else who pre-ordered would get?

It just ends up making a lot of people angry. For months now people have been asking whether or not the people who got the Nvidia free copy would be getting the Harley Quinn pack. They were completely unclear on it, just beating around the bush.

This is no way to treat your fans.

At this point, this game isn't worth buying because of technical issues and such a terrible practice by it's publisher. Even people who got this game for free must feel like they got betrayed right now.

Save your money, wait for updates and play something else in the mean time. I recommend the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a game that is much more optimized for PC, developed by a group of people who actually care about their fans.

Update 1: No patch yet, but after some tinkering in the config file. I've gotten the game to run at a somewhat more stable frame rate. If I stand still or move slowly I can maintain a stable 60fps, but as soon as I hop into the Batmobile or start gliding around, frame rate will start dropping anywhere from 50's down to the low 20's. The worst part is every now and then the frame rate would tank so hard it would go down to single digit, like several other people have noticed. So I guess for right now, maintaining a stable 60fps or even 30fps is impossible unless you want to play Batman: Walking Simulator.

Update 2: I got a chance to play the game a little bit, so this post will be about the gameplay. The combat and control are great and responsive, You never felt quite more like Batman than you are in this game. You feel powerful. The entire Gotham City is your playground and it feels amazing to traverse it. The only problem I have with the gameplay is that driving the Batmobile in "Pursuit Mode" felt pretty bad. It was hard to turn around corners without smashing into something, combining with the terrible frame rate and let just say I rather just glide across Gotham City than drive the Batmobile. I really hope they tweak the control for the Batmobile, it's my least favorite thing about the game right now. "Battle Mode" however is great, only because it's alot easier to maneuver around with it on.
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wroofington Apr 5 @ 2:25pm 
actually this was made a couple years ago so you shouldnt actually blame the game maby you just have a bad computer are your graphics card isnt that good like give it a chance atleast i wanted this game and got it its really good you know!
word lyfe Jan 25, 2018 @ 4:09pm 
i remember reading this in 2015
Samurai Todek Dec 19, 2015 @ 8:11am 
they fixed it :D
Empathy KING Dec 9, 2015 @ 2:02pm 
Think about it... The devs aren't testing their games on gaming rigs that have a really good graphics card, crappy ram and a decent CPU. Nope... Their rigs have a really great EVERYTHING! A great SSD, CPU, GPU, Ram, Sound Card, MOBO, Disc Drive, Cooling System/Mod, Chassis Fan... Even the damn chassis I bet is top of the line. Being able to play these "Next Gen" games bug free is freakin expensive... Deal with it! Thats what I do and ever since I learned this lesson I have been playing all current games BUG FREE!!! I hate to be like this but it is true!
Empathy KING Dec 9, 2015 @ 1:56pm 
Another thing... I have upgraded and switched my rig around a couple of times since the original launch of this game. I have played it both on an AMD rig and an Intel rig! The AMD rig had 2 Crossfired R9 290s and the Intel rig has 2 SLI GTX-970s (my current rig). The game has run perfectly on both of them. Which leaves me with only one conclusion... The people who are having so much trouble with this game (and other ones) is... They are running the games on crap rigs that need serious upgrades! "Next Gen" games need "Next Gen" rigs. This means EVERYTHING from the chassis fans to the CPU has to current and up to date in order to run these games bug free!
Empathy KING Dec 9, 2015 @ 1:49pm 
I have no idea why if 3 people have the exact same set-up that 1 rig out of the 3 will run certain games without any problems, but the other 2 rigs run like "ape $hit" when playing the same games. I believe it is a chance that we all take by choosing to play games on expensive gaming machines... Go ahead and burn me up on this comment, but I firmly believe it. So many people are having a horrible time with this game while I have been having a blast plaing it. Batman: Arkham Knight runs smoove as butter on my rig! Not a glitch, frame drop, screen tear or a single bug! It blows my mind. I can't give this game a thumbs down, I just can't. I will totally recomend it! By the way I preordered the game and have been playing it (bug free) sinch the original launch date!
The Oracle Dec 2, 2015 @ 7:48pm 
Ok, I trust you.
Shadownet Dec 2, 2015 @ 7:19pm 
trust me. I was not paid a single dime for anything.
The Oracle Dec 2, 2015 @ 7:01pm 
Dude, your "Update 2" is so OUT of your review flow, that it made me think that you were paid to write the "Update 2". Let's hope not...
I'm_The_d00d Nov 3, 2015 @ 6:42pm 
Bsaksida they did fix it that is why it was off of the store for such a long while. Not WB's fault these people are using awful computers.