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4 hours ago
Originally posted by Hunter_ARG:
Originally posted by Myfendoren:
Reinstalling the game and setting it to windowed mode allowed NGSB to load without crashing, but it only displays black while the audio plays in the background.

Does this mod not work with AMD cards?

I have AMD card.

Try this: Go to the game folder and rename the "d3d11.ini" file to something else, example: "d3d11.ini_". A new ".ini" will be generated when you start the game.

Tell me if it worked.

I had Special K make a new ini file, how do I disable bloom? I notice that it's on.
6 hours ago
In topic 3.21 Destroys my character
"Our balance goals with 3.21 are to provide more options and more fun for as many builds as possible, rather than reworking game systems in potentially disruptive ways. While there are of course some small nerfs, 3.21 is most definitely not a nerf-fest."

Crucible patch notes -> Nerf fest LMAO
Originally posted by KIRA:
Try out and the public beta and see if that helps you. I set the target frame rate to the monitors, set physics to update 1/frame rate, removed v-scynk, and moved all the player handling to Update().

It still looks like the issue persists to me. And I think it will take a basic rewrite of the player controller, which will take me some time.

I refunded the game because of the camera, good to see its on its way to being great.
You have been pushing out patches really frequently this past month. Don't overwork yourself.
18 hours ago
Should I just play the originals over Sigmas?

I heard in NG1 or 2 Sig enemy count was reduced and they were made into sponges iirc.
20 hours ago
In topic RE7 Gold + RE8 Gold $7.49 Razer Gold
Razer sending out a new key within a week. Not sure what filling out the form does any differently.

If multiple purchases of the same game were made, we will process a refund in Razer Gold Pins for your second and subsequent transactions.

Good luck trying to get an actual refund for whoever the above applies to.
Mar 29 @ 2:25pm
In topic RE7 Gold + RE8 Gold $7.49 Razer Gold
♥♥♥♥ Razer.

The purchase wasn't refunded so I'm a tiny bit optimistic we'll somehow get our ♥♥♥♥ again..?
Mar 29 @ 7:20am
In topic RE7 Gold + RE8 Gold $7.49 Razer Gold
Originally posted by someone named Evry:
to bad I can't get it, or is it over?

Just went out of stock.

Tbf its been running for two hours but I only found it an hour in.
Mar 29 @ 6:59am
In topic RE7 Gold + RE8 Gold $7.49 Razer Gold
Mar 28 @ 2:26pm
In topic The Game is Dying slowly
Originally posted by VindictuS:
is it dying slowly?
based on what your steam charts?

Funny how stupid people make themselfs look talking about an EARLY ACCES:steamthumbsdown:

Multiverse "Open Beta" 150k -> 600 player average

"Don't worry it's just Early Access guys!!" 🤡
Mar 25 @ 1:12am
In topic Anti-Cheat Status Update – March 2023
Originally posted by Luc1d:
Source 2 is here. You either do something big or CS2 will smoke R6S. :csgo_crown:

Man getting hyped over an engine upgrade LMAO
Mar 24 @ 3:46pm
In topic Anti-Cheat Status Update – March 2023
Originally posted by TUGA PT:
Enable the anti-cheat so we can play in our Steam Decks! Please! Let us play Rainbow Six Siege on Steam Deck

Originally posted by Superbowl Munich:
How about you enable proton support so everyone on Linux and Steam Deck can play this game?

Since when does BattlEye have Linux/Proton support?
Originally posted by Lofi Boi:
Originally posted by Chibbity:
You'll prolly have more luck getting into direct contact with a Dev on Discord.
Nah that channel never stops poppin I'd just got lost in the noise, it's only £3 now anyways

Thank you though

DM them
They're not the same price but go off king.
Mar 12 @ 6:09pm
In topic Demo is not available anymore?
Can still grab it using SteamDB
It's now March....
Mar 11 @ 4:05pm
In topic Price adjustments in certain currencies
Originally posted by Bones:
For everyone who hasn't done it yet do your research before getting mad at a company just trying to match current prices in each country

So why are their other games unaffected?
Mar 11 @ 3:02am
In topic Turkish Store Prices?!
Exoprimal which they added to Steam a couple days ago has RE4's previous price. SF6 is also unaffected.

Grab both (Exoprimal is ♥♥♥♥ though) while you can.
Mar 9 @ 3:45pm
In topic Price adjustments in certain currencies
You guys are scum
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