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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 1:50pm

Get Used To It

Die for the first time.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 1:54pm

First Kills Are Special

Defeat a zombie.

Like Taking Candy from a Baby

Finish the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher.

Not in the Mood to Die

Finish the game on Easy difficulty or higher.

Take that, Zombies!

Finish the game on Normal difficulty or higher.

We're in This Together

Finish the game with Jill and Chris.

You da Man, Chris

Finish the game using Chris.

Alpha Team's Finest

Finish the game using Jill.

Not Taking Any Chances

Burn up a zombie.

Don't Stop Running

Finish the game in three hours.

Racing and Pacing

Finish the game in five hours.


Finish the game using only your knife.

Ink is for Squids

Finish the game without saving.

Break Out the Marshmallows!

Burn up two zombies at the same time with the lighter.


Obtain all weapons.

Passion for Fashion

Obtain all costumes.

Every Nook and Cranny

Visit all places on all maps.

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