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Half-Life 2 Roleplay Memes/ Steam Chat Memes
[OOC] Wallace 'Almond' Kreeg: did anyone ask for your fucking level 1 elf ass to waddle in you fatass

*** [She looks 5"8 - 5"10 ...] begins sweeping around all of the trash, pushing it all into a pile before leaning down exposing her ass to everyone across the street, she grabs it all and stands back up, placing it all in the bin before grabing her broom again as she sweeps the rest of the path.

*** Roxin LeClue upset over lose of his fathers minds
*** Roxin LeClue is crying over his senile father

[OOC] Dr. Sanya Kishk: What part of 'Forums' do you not comprehend?
[OOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i5.76803: Somebody seems a bit tilted
[OOC] Elizabeth 'Marié' King: are you rotated at a 45 degree angle?

[OOC] Corvus Clemmons: Being tall is great. The Combine either use you for propaganda, or kill you.
[OOC] Dr. Sanya Kishk: Propaganda!!!! Conscript that fool!
[OOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i5.76803: you mean like [7"6 / Hazel eyes / La...] tall?
[OOC] Daryl McCracken: 7'6 | black | mom killed by cumbean | lambda armband | shotgun slung on back | trench coat
[OOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i5.38345: wat
[OOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i3.95785: huge buldging muscles [hidden]
[OOC] C2.CPF.HELIX:i4.15458: 10 feet tall / rebel / holstered rpg [HOLSTERED]
[OOC] Alexander Sokolov: 6 ft 9 | Minigun hidden in backpack | Hates combine

*** Riley Reyes approaches the UNION from behind, proeeding to slap them from the back of the head, and immediately preparing to bolt away.
[LOOC] Riley Reyes: smack cam
[LOOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i3.95785: get fuckin' pranked on bro

[OOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i3.95785: 'Ey, yo, what-up my dudes, it's ya' boy, Riley Reyes here with another smack-cam vid. Can we reach 10,000 likes on this video?
[OOC] Nick O'Connor: Smash that motherfkin like button
[PM] Riley Reyes: there is milk in my fucking mout adnd im liaughng so harddd
[OOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i5.38345: he legit smack cammed me and ran off, Can we amputate citizens for smack camming cp's?
[OOC] C2.CPF.HELIX:i4.15458: hell yeah

*** C2.CPF.UNION:i5.66923 would hold the can in his hands, pulling the cap up and realising he has a mask on.
*** C2.CPF.UNION:i5.66923 would attempt to locate a consumption tube or something similar on his mask, and then pours it down a hole that acts as an orifice for his mouth.
[LOOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i5.76803: or you can like
[LOOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i5.76803: take it off
[LOOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i5.76803: that works too
*** C2.CPF.UNION:i5.66923 feels rejuvinated, crushing the can and walking over to the bin
[LOOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i5.66923: im self concious and insecure

*** UU.OfC.89316 reached for the very back of the fridge, placing his fingers on the green bottle. He swiftly /pulled/ out, making sure he didn't knock any other bottles down as he pushed the fridge door closed.
[LOOC] Eleanor Clarke: nice

[OOC] Kelly Lie: Why is a cop taking pot shots in the plaza?
[OOC] C2.CPF.UNION:i4.44172: To wake y'all the fuck up for RP

***' A tumbleweed flies through
[LOOC] Jack Hodgeson: void
*** Riley 'Clementine' Warmin punts the tumbleweed back to whence it came "fuck off cunt" she screams in a mixture of drunken and hormonal rage
[LOOC] Riley 'Clementine' Warmin: void

C2.CPF:i4.49822 [R] radios in "<:: Unit is on duty, 10-8. ::>"
Riley 'Clementine' Warmin: redmark
Riley 'Clementine' Warmin: the R should be replaced with an L, so you're forced to take it
C2.CPF:i4.49822 [R]: My life is a hell

*** [34 / 5'10 / Shaggy Br...] stands up and flips the table. "SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS!" he screams before fading into nothing-ness. He's off to a new world to play in.
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[OOC] Xela Mason: rest in piec nayy seals
[OOC] Hailey Addison: He was in the military, he just returned.
[OOC] C2.CPF:i4.99868: was in the military, first thing he does when he gets back is hop on half life 2 roleplay and sexually assault someone icly.
[OOC] Artyom Svatyoslav: a true american hero
[OOC] Riley Noble: what a legend

[OOC] Leta Marsh: um hello can i die now

7:46 AM - webs: omg i love izanami
7:57 AM - webs: okay honestly this bitch is broken
9:40 AM - webs is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
9:40 AM - *Sgt. Strugglepuff: AHAHAHA

6:15 PM - Charles: im reserving myself like the good Virgin Mary I am !!!!
6:19 PM - minty fresh caramel pussy: virgin mary got raped by a ghost
6:19 PM - minty fresh caramel pussy: and nobody believed her
6:19 PM - minty fresh caramel pussy: because in reality
6:19 PM - minty fresh caramel pussy: she was fucking lying
6:19 PM - minty fresh caramel pussy: and everybody had common sense
6:19 PM - minty fresh caramel pussy: :^)
6:16 PM - Charles: holy fuck lol
6:16 PM - Charles: that's a way to put it
6:19 PM - minty fresh caramel pussy: T H E R E I S N O G O D
6:19 PM - Charles is now Online.
6:20 PM - minty fresh caramel pussy: /fedoratipneckbeardscratchatheistsalute

11:11 AM - webs: and i crashed
11:15 AM - *Sgt. Strugglepuff: rip
11:11 AM - webs: sigh
11:15 AM - *Sgt. Strugglepuff: goodnight
11:15 AM - *Sgt. Strugglepuff: server machine broke

Daequann Green says "Hello."
[Brown eyes/A normal u...] says "Sup'."
*** Daequann Green holds up the suitcase, then attempts to smash it on top of the girl's head.

*** [A female that stands ...] takes a sit by one of the wooden benches.
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*** [An Italian male stand...] sits down, five feet away from Kerstan 'cause he's not gay.

Sabertron Jul 6, 2017 @ 6:48am 
I am the gas man Jun 22, 2017 @ 1:52pm 
♥♥♥♥ing queer
webby Apr 11, 2017 @ 4:39am 
Woah💦 Woah💦 Woah💦 Hold on💦 Stick em UP🙆🙆🙆🙆 THAT'S RIGHT🔫 THIS IS A ROBBERY🔫 Hand over the CUMMIES🔫💦💦 and no DADDY😫👨😨 gets hurt 📨Send this to your naughtiest👄 little 👄partners in crime 😏🔫😏🔫 and you'll get 💰💰💰SACKS💰💰💰 OF CUMMIES🍆💦💦💦 Get 5🔳 back, you're a 💓squishy💓 little rebel without a cause💋💋💋💋💋 Get 10🔳 back, you're a 😎😎😎career cummie💦 criminal 🙆🔫🔫 bustin all the daddies👨🌽🍆 banks💰💴 Get 15🔳 back, you're a little 😼😼FAT CAT😻😻 with mad stacks💰💦 of CUMMIES💰💦 Get 20🔳 back, you're the 👑👑CUMMIE 💦💦💦 QUEEN👑👑
cha rles Mar 23, 2017 @ 6:52pm 
listen here♥♥♥♥♥♥ you burned down my house on MC? with your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ flint and steel you bought from that one villager in that town? yeah I ♥♥♥♥ing destroyed that town and took the emeralds you gave to him. ♥♥♥♥ing I'm going to burn down your wooden house, don't show your face around here
cha rles Mar 20, 2017 @ 11:09pm 
webby Mar 14, 2017 @ 4:06am 
you know this is going to sound a little weird but lol please bear with me im really nervous saying this but haha sometimes when i go to bed i think about you and it makes me feel really funny like im lying there and i just think about how nice it would be if we could like sit on a beach or something and hold hands and talk about all the small things in life maybe we could have our own beachhouse or y'know just take a vacation down by the lakwside i know its weird i dont want you to feel uncomfrlable or whatver but its just i keep thinking about you and i wanted otk now what you think okay?? actually nevermind its not a big deal im sure you're just weirded out thanks ^_^;;