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*DEAD* Cinnamo : wow second scope

Cinnamo : this second scope people had no skill at all

*DEAD* Cinnamo : scecond scope

Hoot Hoot Brother : what is second scope

*DEAD* lucidumitru5 : whats second scope

Cinnamo : u shoot, you miss, then the enemy shot u because you shooted and u slow down for 0.5 second

*DEAD* Cinnamo : ok and he aimbot too im out

Player Cinnamo has left the game (disconnect by user.)

*DEAD* lucidumitru5 : hes aimbot

*DEAD* lucidumitru5 : stop killinhg me


*DEAD* Wildy : nigger

Wildy : you're such a fucking nigger

Milk : Seek help.

Wildy : says the guy tryharding tf2 at 2 am

Milk : you used tryhard as an insult in mge, good job

Severe mental illness

Milk :
When she got no hair to pull so you just start throwing eggs at that bald head

FaZL :
and just feel
the cracking

Milk :
I’m dead

FaZL :
of the shell
lmao so you just hold her head still and smash it with eggs every 1-3 minutes

FaZL :
you start getting too turned on
you flip the bitch around
and bust while smashing her head with eggs
i can't imagine a better experience

Milk :
Bust while smashing her head with eggs
I can’t

FaZL :
you know that
imagine it while trying to get a hold of her bald ass slippery egg yolk head while smashing an
egg on her already egg yolk filled head

Milk :
How much fucking money

FaZL :
*smashes her face with an egg out of no where*

Milk :
Did he spend on

FaZL :
buying this many eggs

Milk :

FaZL :
must be one hell of a sex session

FaZL :
he got turned on soo much from the bald head
that he started having an egg fetish

Milk :
He glued eggs to his balls to feel natural

FaZL :
because of the way it resembles his girl

Milk :
Yo what the fuck is this chat lmao

FaZL :

Milk :
I can’t
Look at an egg
The same way
Ever again

Milk : Ahmed, how many chromosomes do you have?

Ahmed.! : chromosomees?

Ahmed.! : waht is meaningo f that

Ahmed.!: sniper riffle?

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FaZL Apr 16 @ 4:12pm 
i bet you're hard as ♥♥♥♥ right now.
Snupy Apr 7 @ 12:25pm 
truth be told bear, you did scream when i tied u up in my basement and urinated on u i dont know what sorts of kink is that but its hot