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Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 15 @ 7:17pm

Indy, Is That You?

Open the chest
Unlocked May 15 @ 7:37pm


Find secret level

Deceptive Mind

Pick up at least 25 artefacts before looping

Slimy Salamander

Kill Newt

Red Blob

Kill Bogy

Scrag in the Pile

Kill Crux

Mud Thing

Kill Muck

Déjà vu

Loop once


Do not lose any HP in boss fight

Shopping Spree

Purchase all three weapons in one shop visit


Collect every single weapon

It's Not Arcade

Use coin machine at least once

Hard Shell

Complete the game with the Egg


Kill each enemy at least once


Reach 15 max HP

Greed Level 10

Collect artefacts to reach value of 10


Steal a weapon

8 hidden achievements remaining

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