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Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is a fun little platformer that branches out mostly in the Nintendo area of consoles, but has come to Steam for a neat release as well. I personally quite like this game and its related franchise, as well as the developer company themselves, so fair warning, I may be slightly biased. Please don't let that deter you from purchasing this game, however!

Let's start with the gameplay. It plays well, and doesn't take much to run. The player controls one Patricia Wagon as she sets off to capture, capture, and capture again the Hooligan Sisters, making use of large blocks that switch in and out of the game's playing field, making up a majority of the puzzles and action in the game itself. The concept is relatively simple enough, and is put to use pretty well. Along with that is fairly standard platforming mechanics, with Patricia carrying a gun to shoot enemies with as well, altogether making a pretty good gameplay experience in my opinion.

As for graphics, this is a two-dimensional platformer that uses sprites, but it looks good. The version of this game on Steam and some Nintendo consoles titled Hyper Drive Edition feature redone sprites of most everything in the game, in a nice and smooth artstyle. There is an option to turn Patricia Wagon, and only her, back into the pixelated version seen in the first versions of the game.

In terms of sound and music, I very much like the soundtrack of Mighty Switch Force! Composed by Jake Kaufman, or virt, it's a lovely electronic mix soundtrack, and is available to download for free or pay what you wish on Jake's bandcamp. Admittedly I believe the sequel's music is ever so slightly better, but that can be found in the little spinoff game also present on Steam. As for the sounds themselves, overall the game has good sound design. Patty's voice doesn't get annoying, and the rest complement the actions that occur.

Overall, I find the game great, if a little short perhaps, but still worth the price! If you do purchase and do like this game, I recommend obtaining another entry into its franchise, Mighty Switch Force! Academy, also available currently exclusively on Steam. If you like this type of game, I'd also suggest looking into the Shantae franchise! If I missed anything, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and if you do purchase this game, have fun!
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