Gabriel   Canada
Please don't add me on Steam. Ne m'ajoutez pas s'il vous plaît. Bitte füge mich nicht hinzu. Пожалуйста, не добавляй меня.

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Expositor de artwork
Early Morning Green
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Sarcan Sam 21 JUL a las 22:08 
10 outta 10 dont let this guy be around your kids
Levi 19 JUL a las 8:30 
hello sir, i have reported you to the fbi for conspiracy to raid area 51 👽
DBotThePony 13 JUL a las 8:40 
Gametesters | Advertisement 11 JUL a las 8:14 
We played csgo together some time ago and you were really good. Can you teach me playing in same lobby please? I can pay in skins or knives for the lessons. Add me if you can
Aurora 24 JUN a las 16:44 
Middynight 19 JUN a las 14:09 
It's good gayb