Seraph The Archangel
Somebody From   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I'm just an average joe, you are too. But I'm me which makes me special, but you're you, so you're special. I forgot where I was going with this but I'm pretty chill. So if you wanna add me, add me
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Welcome To The Chill Zone
Hi, I'm Seraph
I am from the U.S. (Shhh No Tellin')
I am in fact a Furry
I like chillin, playin' games and meeting other people
Nationality:I'm Irish, Polish, and Aussie
Likes: R6 Siege, my friends, and my sis
Dislikes: Toxic People (I'm talkin' to you)
Favourite song: Gas Gas Gas by Initial D's Manuel
Hates: People who don't seem to understand that I don't care about ur FORTNITE WINS
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Lol tried to shoot me through spawn doors.
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