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What to say about Imperator Rome... This game was intended be be a amalgamation of the most popular paradox titles, the Developers set out to do this, and they did, Just not the way everyone was hoping, this game is a beautiful mess (yes it is a mess). That being said i have enjoyed this game, and am very much looking forward to were it goes. This game is completely functional and runs much smoother than any other paradox game to date. I very much like How tactics are set up to run conjointly with army compositions, it works together to form a meta of sorts. As for historical accuracy the game is more accurate than anything else on market at the moment and is very fun to play online, as In HOI4 where all nations fall into the axis or allies, Imperator Rome Delivers a time frame were the possiblities of every game are infinite. This game has massive potential.

  • Best game based in this time period on market
  • Infinite possibilites for multiplayer
  • Runs Much smoother than other paradox games
  • Political systems are implimented well
  • Full steam workshop support ( if you dont like something you can change it)

  • Mana- alot of people complaining about Mana, however Mana does not break the game in anyway.
  • Color Scheme- awkward colors in the menus, plenty of dark UI mods out already.
  • Tribal Civil wars- When playing Tribes be prepared for civil wars every several years, meant to keep tribes from expanding rapidly.
  • Civil Wars in General- Feel as if their only purpose is to slow the game down.
  • Events that serve no purpose- Plenty of events that give buffs for no aparent reason, not gonna complain at free gold though.

  • No way to convert mana
  • Some mana types are not usefull while others are very scarce.
  • Game lacks non war features
  • UI Could use additions and tweaks.
  • All nations share the same tech trees.

    Overall this game is fun, Its not what Everyone was expecting, but once the kinks are ironed out it will be a masterpiece.
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