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I have reviewed the Grail Knight Cosmetic Upgrade DLC here:
My Grail Knight Cosmetic Upgrade Review

TLDR: Grail Knight is a solid Career, limited to Melee only, it has high burst, is insanely good for bosses, sucks at dealing with specials, but is all around really fun. Without the cosmetic upgrade, you will not be able to earn cosmetics, borders etc in the same manner that other careers do.

The Grail Knight Explained
  • The Grail Knight shares similarities with Slayer, just for Kruber instead of Bardin. You're limited to using melee weapons as there are no ranged options.
  • With this Career you unlock two new weapons; the Bretonnian Longsword and the Bretonnian Sword and Shield.
    In my opinion, the Bretonnian Sword and Shield is lackluster, but it can only be used on Grail Knight anyway. Bretonnian Longsword can be used on all Kruber Careers, it's a relatively high damage two handed sword, attack speed is good, cleave isn't the worst, it's really just a solid primary weapon.
  • As for the gameplay, when a Grail Knight is in the party; you get quests. For example, picking up a Grimoire may grant passive health regeneration to the party, killing a monster may grant the party power, that sort of thing. The quests are a bonus, but not a selling point in my opinion. There's also a talent that gives the Grail Knight a strength potion for every 150 enemies killed, which isn't bad at all.

  • The role I see Grail Knight playing is high sustained as well as burst damage.
  • You still have access to the Executioner Sword, meaning you can delete Elites.
  • The Ultimate is heavy burst damage on a low cooldown, ~25k damage on a 30 second cooldown, single target.
  • The Level 30 talents allow either the Ultimate to hit Twice (50k damage on same CD) or you can turn it into a horizontal sweep dealing ~15-20k damage in an AoE infront, making it useful for Armored Patrols. The other talent just grants movement speed upon the ultimate killing something, so it's rather useless in comparison (it may prove useful for speedrunning levels?).
  • With a Concentration Potion, you can destroy monsters and bosses in seconds.

  • Obviously, you're limited to only Melee, therefore dealing with ranged specials is a pain.
  • It's incredibly easy to hit the wrong target with your ultimate, unless you're using the sweep talent.
  • The Ultimate leaves you open to damage while using it, and it can't be cancelled, meaning it isn't a very good "last resort". (the second swing can be cancelled if you use that talent).
  • If you don't buy the cosmetic upgrade then there's honestly nothing to work towards, I.E. you don't get a border for completing Helmgart on Veteran, you don't get illusions to unlock, you can't unlock any of the things that other careers have unlockable counterparts for, which, honestly, isn't great if you like that sort of thing.

Last Thoughts
    Grail Knight is a solid Career as long as you have others playing ranged careers to take out specials, it's not a the best career if you're playing with 3 bots, but it sure as hell is fun. The price tag is only £3, bumped up to £8 if you buy the cosmetic bundle. It does suck that the cosmetics aren't available unless you pay more, but the career is solid and I'd honestly say it's very fun.

A lot of the negative reviews are negative for a few reasons:
  • People are unhappy that Grail Knight is a paid career.
  • People are unhappy that the cosmetics are behind an even larger paywall.
  • Fatshark (Developers) are doing the previous two reasons just for money.
  • The cosmetic upgrade doesn't actually give you cosmetics, just the ability to unlock them, like all the regular careers already can.
All of these are valid critiques, but I'm making this review to help people decide whether or not they want to play Grail Knight.

Comment any questions, I'm happy to answer.
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