Caveman Joe
緑谷出久   Serbia
Not Accepting invites if you want to trade send trade offer

Knife history:
1.Flip knife | Urban masked [FT]
2.Huntsman knife | Urban masked [FT]
3.Bayonet | Urban masked [BS]
4.Huntsman knife | Forest DDPAT [FT]
5.Gut Knife | Slaughter [FN]
6.Flip Knife
7.Huntsman Knife | Safari Mesh [FT]
8.Gut Knife | Boreal forest [BS]
9.Flip Knife | Safari Mesh [FT]
10.Butterfly Knife | Urban Masked [FT]
11.Huntsman Knife | Scorched [FT]
12.Butterfly Knife | Urban Masked [FT]
13.Bayonet | Night [FT]
14. Hunstman | Crimson Web [BS]
15.Huntsman | Scorched [FT]
16.Karambit | Safari Mesh [FT]
17.Hunstman | Case Hardened [FT]
18.Karambi | Safari Mesh [FT]
19. Bayonet | Boreal Forest [FT]
20. Gut Knife | Urban Masked [FT]
21.Karambit | Safari Mesh [FT]
22.Butterfly | Night [FT]
23.Gut Knife | Fade [MW]
24.Huntsman Knife
25.M9 Bayonet | Urban Masked [FT]
26.Bayonet | Case Hardened [BS]
27.Butterfly Knife | Boreal Forest [MW]
28.Flip Knife | Safari Mesh [FT]
29.Huntsman | Safari Mesh [FT]
30.Huntsman | Scorched [FT]
31.Huntsman | Safari Mesh [FT]
32. Scorched [FT]
33.Bayonet | Safari Mesh [FT]
34.Huntsman | Night [FT]
35.Falchion Knife | Crimson Webb [WW]
36. Flip Knife | Scorched [FT]
37.Huntsman | Blue steel [FT]
38.Gut Knife | Marble Fade [FN]
39.Karambit | Safari Mesh [FT]
40.Butterfly | Crimson web [BS]
41.Bayonet | Scorched [MW]
42.Karambit | Safari mesh [FT]
43.Flip Knife | Slaughter [FT]
44.M9 Bayonet | Ultraviolet [BS]
45.Huntsman | Blue Steel [FT]
46.Bayonet | Forest DDPAT [MW]
47.Huntsman | Blue Steel [FT]
48.Huntsman | Fade [FN]
49.Bayonet | Urban Masked [FT]
50.Huntsman | Stained [BS]
51.Butterfly | Scorched [FT]
52. M9 Bayonet | Urban Masked [FT]
53.Buterfly knife | Fade [FN]
54.Gut | Marble Fade [FN]
55.M9 Bayonet
56.Flip Knife | Crimson Web [WW]
57.Butterfly Knife | Fade [FN]
58.Karambit | Urban Masked [FT]
59.Bayonet | Forest DDPAT [BS]
60.Gut Knife | Night Stattrak [FT]
61.M9 Bayonet | Boreal Forest [FT]
62.Falchion Knife | Night [WW]
63.Karambit | Crimson Web [FT]
64.Butterfly | Slaughter [MW]
65. M9 Bayonet | Damascus steel [FT]
66.Butterfly | Blue Steel [FT]
67.Butterfly | Urban Masked [FT]
68.Flip Knife | Forest DDPAT [FT]
69.Butterfly Knife | Safari Mesh[FT]
70.Huntsman Knife | Scorched [FT]
71.Butterfly Knife | Safari Mesh[FT]
72.Flip Knife | Boreal Forest [FT]
73.Huntsman | Fade [FN]
74.Bayonet | Damascus Steel [FT]
75.Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened [BS]- BLUE TIP
76.Flip Knife| Damascus steel [MW]
77.M9 Bayonet| Ultraviolet [FT]
78.Huntsman | Night [FT]
79.Shadow Daggers| NIght [FT]
80.Huntsman | Safari Mesh[FT]
81.Butterfly knife| Safari Mesh[MW]
82.Butterfly Knife| Slaughter [MW]
83.Karambit | Crimson Web [FT]
84,Butterfly Knife| Slaughter [MW]
85. M9 Bayonet | Night [BS] #1 float
86. Gut knife vanilla
87. Gut knife | Night [BS]
88. Gut knife | Urban Masked [FT]
89. M9 Bayonet | Night [FT]
90. Karambit | Forest DDPAT [FT]
91. M9 Bayonet | Night [FT]
92.Karambit | Forest DDPAT [FT]
93. Falchion | Slaughter [MW]
94. Butterfly knife
95. Butterfly knife
96. Flip knife | Doppler PH1
97. Flip knife | Doppler phase1 0.0004float
98. Flip knife | Doppler p3 0.02
99. M9 vanilla
100. Bayonet | Blue Steel [WW]
101. M9 vanilla
102. Butterfly knife
103. Butterfly knife
104. Butterfly knife
105. Butterfly knife
106. Bayonet | Doppler p1 [FN]
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Pillars of Eternity
Steam Trade Url:
Trade Rules:
Dont Lowball Me
Dont add me, just send me a trade offer (only doing trade offers)
If you send me a bad offer ill just ignore it
a +Rep would be very appreciated
I will always accept free things, and thank you, if you donate to me
If you came to me to trade know that I will not overpay for your items
I am not trading CS:GO items for games or stuff that are not from CS:GO!!
I am only trading 2:1 with cards
Only trading by market prices
I am not trading for Dota2 or TF2 stuff

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smokE May 8 @ 4:45pm 
profile picture checks out
Jusstam | Apr 17 @ 4:23am 
+rep nice and fast trader, good luck :D
Caveman Joe Apr 17 @ 4:18am 
tnx for reminding me , trade url is updated
Jusstam | Apr 17 @ 4:12am 
Change you trade URL
Jusstam | Apr 17 @ 4:06am 
Go trade
Russian Dec 31, 2016 @ 6:04pm 
i sent trade offer