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Short version

Absolutely stunning, both in presentation as in storytelling.
Beautiful spritework, good voice acting and a very relatable story, even for someone who didn't grow up in the 80s.

The only downsides are the fact that it's very short as it's only a part of the full story and the fact that there is absolutely no replay value.
Treat it like an experience instead of a game and you'll enjoy it much more.

Long version

The Story so far (Spoiler Free!):

I didn't grow up in the 80s. I was born in the later half of the 90s, 1996 to be exact, so I can't 100% relate to this story as arcades had pretty much died out by the time I grew up.

That doesn't mean I can't relate at all to the story, though. I myself have very much felt the same feeling and I'm still sort-of going through the modern day version of this story as we speak.

A lot of the story really hit close to home and I definitely had to take a step back every so often and think.

The way the story is presented, both with absolutely beatiful visuals, amazing music (please give us a way to get the Soundtrack!) and well written monologues grabbed me right from the start and didn't let me go until the credits rolled.
I just wish I had the follow-up to it already.

Some of the questions and statements by the protagonist really resonated with me because I myself have asked and said some very similar things in the past.

I would definitely recommend the game on the basis of the story alone. I can't wait for Part 2

The actual games themselves:

The games themselves are very well done except for one minor gripe (I'll get back to this later).

The Beat 'em Up has tight controls, hits feel nice and meaty and I was constantly reminded of my time playing Final Fight as a teen on that PS2 Capcom collection I had. Loved every second of it.

Same goes for the Space shooter. I died a few times here and there, but that's because I've never been particularly good at those games. Absolutely loved it though for what it is.

I adored the Outrun clone, though it could've been slightly faster in my Opinion. It felt a bit slow, but I suppose considering where the game itself goes, it made sense to not have it be ultra fast. Everything else was pretty much on point-though.

The Ninja game was pretty good, too. I died a few times because of things I couldn't see comming in time, but that's down to me staying too far right of the screen. This one felt a bit weaker compared to the other games at first, but the ending picked up the pace again and actually made my heart skip a beat at the end. Not gonna spoil what happend, but I didn't expect it to end that way.

The RPG. Here's where my minor gripe comes into play.

The game itself is fine and all...if you realize how it's played. I didn't and got stuck for a good 5 minutes before I figured out how the fighting mechanics work. I felt like a total idiot afterwards. Maybe the whole targeting mechanic could've been made a little more obvious.
I expected to play it like a turn based RPG by the likes of Final Fantasy, but you can't just spam attacks or you'll do no damage and die on every single enemy. The key is the red rectangle that comes up when you select an attack. You have to let the pieces come together and form a proper rectangle for maximum damage.
After I had figured that one out, it was a lot more fun and oh my that ending. I should've seen it comming considering the title of the game, but I was still surprised.

All in all, all of the games (except the last one, but I won't say why to not spoil it) could've easily been their own standalone games with that type of quality. Really impressed with how much work and care went into these considering the main focus of this game is to tell a story.

Maybe after the story is done, give us some slightly more fleshed out versions of those, maybe? Some additional levels to play through? Please?


All things considered, I loved my time with this game (minus getting stuck in the maze like an idiot, but that's my fault).

I definitely recommend it to anyone who has grown up with videogames in the past or is still growing up with videogames as their main hobby today. Chances are you'll most likely be able to draw some parallels between the story and your actual life.
Heck, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an interesting storydriven game.

If you're looking for pure gameplay and don't care about story however, this game is not for you. It's more of an interactive experience than a game, really.

The length is a bit of an issue to some people, but I didn't mind it. Wish it was longer, yes, but since it's being split in two parts, hopefully that'll be redeemed in the next one.
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