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Hello there! Nice to meet ya :3

Name: Mikumiki
Age: 15
Birthday: 15th of September
Relationship Status: Taken
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6 feet or 183 cm
Weight: 132 Ibs or 60 kg
Mood: Happy
Favourite Games: TF2, GMOD, Binding of Isaac, Serious Sam, Doom (there's prob more)
Personality: A silly fox who's playful all the time, can be sad at times but still wanting to make all his other friends happy c:
Likes: Kind people, yiff, games, movies, food, chatting with friends and music
Dislikes: Being told about other people's relationships and how good they are, being ignored, trolls, youtube drama, people trying to be all manly and stuff, feminists, people talking in a boring manner

Please comment down below why you want to add me before actually adding me. Also, if I add you and haven't commented on your profile why, it's prob because I'm looking for new friends to talk to! ^w^

Oh and if I ever change my pic to something sad, don't go bothering me. Either try to make me happy or don't say anything,

If anyone from my home town sees this then sorry for making you read it :P
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Riku Apr 22 @ 6:40am 
khajiit has wares, if you have coin
Stolz Apr 14 @ 5:19pm 
Mikumiki Apr 14 @ 5:18pm 
The heck
Riku Apr 14 @ 5:01pm 
Kishuken Apr 14 @ 3:12pm 
When I was a kid I was pretty hard up for pornography . I did have one book the library had though that had pictures of naked people in them. At the time i didn't understand what I was looking at, but years later i realized they were photos taken by the Nazis of Jews during the Holocaust. As a child I masturbated to the Holocaust.
Linx Apr 12 @ 4:39pm 
l o n g b o i