Just a gal ♕   Netherlands

She/her, thanks in advance.
If you add me without me knowing you're an active partaker in Potato's MvM Group, don't expect any response.

A Heavy main at heart, but an enjoyer of TF2 on the outside.
Though I'm not the best at it, I make up for it in pure knowledge of the game.

Casual MvM mission maker.
Accepted missions for Potato MvM campaigns:
- Mineral Masher (advanced), Underground (Canteen Crasher)

- Jesty Joker Jamble (intermemediate), Barren (Memes vs Machines)

- Waterway Wringout (advanced, endurance), Derelict (Madness vs Machines)
- Collapsing Cores (intermediate), Meltdown (Madness vs Machines)

- White Noise (advanced), Transmission (Digital Directive)

- Nightsky Nightmare (advanced), Nightsky (Hexadecimal Horrors)
- Mountain of Fear (intermediate), Nightsky (Hexadecimal Horrors)

WIP missions, still in their testing phase:
- Aerobotics (advanced), Silent Sky
- Bytes and Blizzards, Shiverpeak

On hold til' the next fitting MvM event:
- Accursed Aggrievocation (advanced), Terrorlict (Holographic Harvest)
- Vexatious Mainframe (intermediate), Whitecliff Event (Holographic Harvest)
- Reprogrammed Redestruction (advanced reverse), Yiresa

Does not exist:
- Terminated Terminal (expert), Radar

Also a closed Tester / Future Seeker and part of the User Generated Content group for Realm of the Mad God, so that's cool.

Finished Homestuck on 31-05-'16 at ~16:20 +1 Timezone, unfortunately.

[FNAF] Stars: Too few
[RotMG] Stars: 69/90

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