Ryan the weeb
Yeah hey, I'm sebroth also known as seb comment why you want to add me or you will be ignored.

Here are the rules to this profile

1:Do not ask for free items

2:Dont harrass me.

3:Do not be disrespectful.

4:Do not spam messages.

5:always be kind.

6:if you choose to joke no hurtful jokes.

7: If you have a private profile don't bother.

8: If you have a private inventory don't bother even adding me I don't trust that shit.

9: I think it's obvious but if you're marked as a scammer I'll have no part in that. Get a job or a life.

10: Keep your mean comments to yourself.

11: I will always check your steam rep so don't even bother trying to trade without me fully knowing you, and if you are marked as a scammer I will not hesitate to delete your sorry ass. I don't take bullshit excuses.

Breaking any of these rules will result In you being blocked and you will not be unblocked ever.

Thanks for reading my bio have a good day.
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germy Aug 18 @ 11:47am 
SVest Aug 17 @ 6:35pm 

🅱️ oranges
Bepis Cat (baguettes) Aug 17 @ 6:25pm 
someone say O R A N G E S
cats in a box ™ Aug 17 @ 2:11pm 
hello welcome to cats in a boox how may i help u
Raven Jul 30 @ 3:26pm 
+rep great tf2 player
Bepis Cat (baguettes) Jul 30 @ 1:41pm 
The key to winning these fights is to say “ok” and don’t reply anymore