Ryan the weeb   Itsukaichi, Tokyo, Japan
Hello I'm sebroth also known as seb comment why you want to add me or you will be ignored.

Here are the rules to this profile

1:Do not ask for free items

2:Dont harrass me.

2:Do not be disrespectful.

3:Do not spam messages.

4:always be kind.

5:if you choose to joke no hurtful jokes.

Breaking any of these rules will result In you being blocked and you will not be unblocked ever.

Thanks for reading my bio have a good day c:
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Rob May 25 @ 4:05am 
I wanna friend you just because I can and also ur voice is very noice
[LL!] Honoka! May 23 @ 4:10pm 
Since when did Seb prefer 2D women XD
Severed H E A D S May 22 @ 4:47pm 
cause you're in the server :V and your sniper is cool
Germy May 20 @ 3:37am 
i love you seb
KMH_41™ May 5 @ 7:28pm 
i wanted to
[LL!] Honoka! May 2 @ 9:02pm 
ur husband knows me as a fellow weeb :3