Paul   Illinois, United States
My normal alias is Sebbers
:cjstar:first place main heavy and main all-star heavy s3:cjstar:

the greatest video ever made
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A Bit About Myself
So, hi. Here's some information that you might find useful.

I change my name quite often so you should probably nickname me.

me and the boys winning main (my tracking sucks LMAO []


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Discord: Sebbers#1867
Epic games: Sebbers_
Uplay: Sebbers_
Faceit: Sebbers1
Twitch, occasional streams, mostly tf2 or cs []
Comp Stuff


Season 22, Bap!, Just Bap! Heavy and Leader. (Steel HL) 4-3

Season 23, TOP!, The Otter Pops, Co-leader and Heavy. (Steel HL) 3-5

Season 24, SAR, Some Assembly Required, Heavy. (Steel HL) 7-3 (Tied for 5th)

Season 25, Æ, Atrocity Exhibition, Main Poot till week 6 and then played engie the entire grand finals series (Silver HL) 11-4 2nd place!

Season 26, (ugc) TGC, The Groove Crusaders, main potis (Main HL) 6-5 4th place! (This was one of my friends teams that a few other friends and I joined to try to get them a placement medal.)

Season 1 (RGL), !!!, CornCake's Dormroom, Heavy (IM) 6-3

Season 2 (RGL), Jebus and The Bees, Sub (main) 5-5 4th place

Season 3 (RGL), As Foretold by Rayman5000, Heavy (Main) 9-1 FIRST PLACE!

Season 3 (RGL), all-star heavy (main) :DD

RGL Nations cup #1, Heavy and leader for Team Midwest (div 2, under invite)


Season 27, Hot Dads Funny Moments, Engie (Silver) 4-4

Season 28, EAT SLEEP FORTNITE REPEAT, aka FORTNITE, Scout/roamer (silver) 4-3

Season 30 or 31, I have no clue the name of this team, Heavy sub (silver) CURRENT

ESEA Season 31, Crayon Eater Esports, Roamer Sub (open) CURRENT

Season 13, SARGON or Underground Mesopatamian Fight Club, Pro Roster Rider (Silver 4s) 4-4

Season 14, WomboComb, Heavy (Gold 4s) 3-5

Season 15, Whopper Wendsdays Feat. Jones aka TACO, Scout (gold 4s) 3-5


Season 4, .cac or Command and Conquer, Heavy (Div 2) 8-0 1st place!

Season 5, .cac or Command and Conquer, Heavy (Invite) 0-10 (LOL)

Season 6, Command and Conquer, Heavy (div 1) 1-4 :(

Log Hall Of Fame
500 dpm pyro []
570 dpm heavy []
500 dpm demo lobby []
500 dpm demo lobby the second []
550 dpm demo lobby (RGL 6s lol?) []
100 tf2c lobbies as of November 15th 2018
18-0 pootis []
ever just get a 7.2 ka/d in an official? []
6.7 ka/d lol []
the classic 50 dpm scout (this was my first or second 6s tf2c ever lol) []
12.0 kd, 18.0 ka/d IN A SCRIM []

Big brain gamer quotes and haha funny moments

*DEAD* Natzee : how did you see me what the fuck
Natzee : there's no way you could have seen me
Natzee : i'm calling hacks on that
*DEAD* Æ | Sebbers : I spychecked lmao

Norphel03: I forgot that mugs have handles

Jebus- Today at 6:42 PM
Sebbers vs Paul match of the century
Chocc - Today at 6:42 PM
no its not
Jebus - Today at 6:42 PM
match of the week
match of the season was paul vs Blue99
Chocc - Today at 6:42 PM
I know paul could smash sebbers
Jebus - Today at 6:42 PM
sebbers hella gay i believe
cloud - Today at 6:44 PM
ya we all never said but silently agreed that sebbers is indeed, the big gay

White Rice : we might need to call this a gg
Bzbzrobot : dude if only my team had sebbers

ϟ The MartBomb™ left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Norphel the med dropper []

do I have to record a demoman? -Kegamed

Bzbzrobot: @Sebbers

*DEAD* civ. : yeah, sylons a useless player. k bye
civ. left the game (Disconnect by user.)

the greatest video ever made

[7:18 PM]
lol want to come and erp troll

MAF Today at 11:24 AM
“Large advantage WiLLmaTiC”
end my miserable life

[8:53 AM]
Why’d you add me
[8:54 AM]
Hello. Сan u help me take a some unusual items on gambling site?
[8:54 AM]
Sure but only if I get a few in return
What do I have to do?
[8:54 AM]
I cant withdraw items because I have trade hold now
My mobile broken
[8:55 AM]
You should probably fix it then because that is a problem
[8:55 AM]
I think,if I am send coins to you
[8:55 AM]
Yes I very much like coins
[8:55 AM]
And you withdraw items for me and urself
[8:55 AM]
[8:55 AM]
I have 1100 coins,if you help me with that you get 300 coins
[8:56 AM]
I could buy a house with that right?
[8:56 AM]
so,can u help me?
[8:56 AM]
[8:56 AM]
*website removed so you dont log into it or whatever*
Sign up. You must be on the website to transfer coins
[8:57 AM]
Ok let me log into my computer so I can type faster
[8:57 AM]
Tell me when u logged
[8:57 AM]
I need to do my morning typing exercises before going on though so it might take about 10 minutes
Do you do typing exercises before you scam people?
They are very important to make sure you don’t get cramps

Sylonᶜʰᵃᵈ Today at 12:56 AM
if i made some poor life decisions, some of you could be my kids

me and the boys winning main (my tracking sucks LMAO []

dropping main all-star engineer and first place main engineer, flemlaski

log from 7s official []

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my eyes have grown ever stronger sebbers uchiha