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Paul S.   Illinois, United States
Hi there, my name is Sebbers and I play tf2 competitive as the Heavy.
If I have added you, its probably because of tf2/comp.
If you are adding me, PLEASE COMMENT WHY!

Send me a trade offer!
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Not for sale, just a second showcase :)
A Bit About Myself
So, hi. Here's some information that you might find useful.

I change my name quite often but will almost always keep it consistently around the name Sebbers.
T h i s i s s o s a d c a n w e l i v e i n a s o c i e t y ?

Helpful links and such
UGC []
Sizzling Stats []
Trade Offer!
Discord: Sebbers#1867
Epic games: Sebbers_

Comp Stuff



Season 22, Bap!, or Just Bap! Heavy and Leader. (Steel HL) 3-4

Season 23, TOP! or The Otter Pops, Co-leader and Heavy. (Steel HL) 3-5

Season 24, SAR or Some Assembly Required, Heavy. (Steel HL) 7-3 (Tied for 5th)

Season 25, Æ or Atrocity Exhibition, Main Poot till week 6 and then played engie the entire grand finals series (Silver HL) 11-4 2nd place!


Season 27, Hot Dads Funny Moments, Engie (Silver 6s) 4-4


Season 13, SARGON or Underground Mesopatamian Fight Club, Pro Roster Rider (Silver 4s) 4-4

Season 14, WomboComb, Heavy (Gold 4s) 3-5



Season 4, .cac or Command and Conquor, Heavy (Div 2) 8-0 1st place!

Music Stuff
heres just a list of some of my favorite bands and my favorite songs by them.
#1. Weezer, Foolish Father
#2. The White Stripes, Icy Thump
#3. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californiacation
#4. Nirvana, Come As You Are
#5. Metallica, Master Of Puppets
#6. Black Keys, Gold On The Ceiling
#7. AC/DC, Thunderstruck
#8. Black Sabbath, Iron Man
#9. Foo Fighters, The Sky Is a Neighborhood
#10. Snow Patrol, Life On Earth

SFM Poster things.
I do SFM commissions for people for 1 key or less.
I do not have all my posters on my profile but I have some of my better ones there, if you would like exaples.
Interested in one? Add me on discord and/or on steam BUT LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT THE SFM COMMISSION PLEASE.

I ocasionally will make free posters.

Big brain gamer quotes and haha funny moments

*DEAD* Natzee : how did you see me what the fuck
Natzee : there's no way you could have seen me
Natzee : i'm calling hacks on that
*DEAD* Æ | Sebbers : I spychecked lmao

Norphel03: I forgot that mugs have handles

Jebus- Today at 6:42 PM
Sebbers vs Paul match of the century
Chocc - Today at 6:42 PM
no its not
Jebus - Today at 6:42 PM
match of the week
match of the season was paul vs Blue99
Chocc - Today at 6:42 PM
I know paul could smash sebbers
Jebus - Today at 6:42 PM
sebbers hella gay i believe
cloud - Today at 6:44 PM
ya we all never said but silently agreed that sebbers is indeed, the big gay

White Rice : we might need to call this a gg
Bzbzrobot : dude if only my team had sebbers

ϟ The MartBomb™ left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Norphel the med dropper []

do I have to record demoman? -Kegamed

Bzbzrobot: @Sebbers

Right as people where starting to join comms for a 7s scrim kegaman yells into his mic "MY BREADSTICK!!!!!" for he had dropped his breakstick that was injected with mozzarella on his floor. Can we please have a moment of silence for Kega's breadstick?

Sebbers - Today at 1:45 PM
pls 8ball Sebbers > Bum
PayloadBOT - Today at 1:45 PM
Without a doubt.

I give keys for PC abuse

7:29 PM - KaimTime: how much your unusual mate?
7:29 PM - KaimTime: do you trade it?
7:29 PM - B-Pose: its priced at 130 keys
7:30 PM - B-Pose: I would trade it if you have a good offer
7:30 PM - KaimTime: can offer that for 140 pure keys mate?
7:30 PM - B-Pose: sure
7:30 PM - B-Pose: but there is 1 problem
7:30 PM - KaimTime: what mate?
7:30 PM - B-Pose: I dont trade with furrys
7:30 PM - KaimTime has now gone offline
a scammer with a furry pfp ^

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