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Some useful information.
Hi, I am a “little bit“ trader and here is some information that may be useful to you!

• I specialize in all games, which means that you can offer me anything.
• But this doesn't mean that I don't understand how the economy of this or that game is structured. Do not try to abuse it.

Q: Can I trade with you?
A: Yes. Sure. You can send me a tradeoffer , and you can add me as a friend if you want to discuss this.

Q: Can you give me frее items?
A: No. I don't do charity work. But I can trade with you if your inventory interests me.

Q: What is it? I know you're trying to scam me!11!1!
A: No. I've never tried to scam anyone. If you do not like the deal - cancel it.

Q: Can you not delete me from your friends?
A: No. Sorry. I can leave you as a friend, only if you have business with me. (or if you my friend :D)

Q: Why you don't answer my messages?
A: Most likely I can't answer you because:
• I'm not here; • I can be busy. For example playing with my friends \ or send someone else a trade offer.

• If I once added you, and you added me a thousand years later and start spamming me in PM and demand something from me — have a conscience

// If you are an inadequate kid or a toxic person, do not accept my request to friends.

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Valera098 Russian Fed. 14 hours ago 
Пива определенно надо бахнуть. Разливай
ScrewBanger Dec 3 @ 2:44pm 
сам ты москвич, а я — кабан. Бахнем пива?
Valera098 Russian Fed. Nov 30 @ 1:08am 
Вы ему не верьте, ни в какой японии он не живет, он москвич
SkullDestroyer Apr 7 @ 1:28pm 
Завидует тому, что я ворую отзывы
Grillador Apr 1 @ 6:49am 
sup bro, lets play together, send me a friend request pls
ScrewBanger Jan 28 @ 3:06am 
плюс реп поставил, а награду нет. Окей, leather man.