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In Chat is a ghoster saying where i am "on my team" pls fix
lil teo Sep 20 @ 12:45pm 
ive added u cuz ur awesome singer :)
Fr0sty Sep 20 @ 8:03am 
mr. broom Sep 18 @ 12:08pm 
Sup Scotty, we used to play like 2-3 years ago on an awp server. I think it was Ultimate Gaming Crew. Well after that one got shut down I played on UK London which is dead now too. It seems there arent any immature 15 year old mods on your server anymore so I guess Im gonna play on yours. I just wonder why there are these VIP banners on the sides, its really hard to see headglitcher when they have a black model. Wouldnt it be possible to but the banner on the other 2 sides? Cheers
Lou Sep 15 @ 11:00am 
o_O ..... <.< ..... O_o... Hold on, lady. You... are a.. girl gamer? Shifts in chair, tugging at collar >.> A fine, alluring lady such as yourself... Also has an intellectual side? With your ravishing, simply bewitching beauty, you pull me in...And then you penetrate my level of understanding of perfection...By informing me that you, are indeed, a girl gamer, who plays PS4 SMITE!!! o_O My beautiful lady.
Depi Sep 7 @ 11:26pm 
Choo choo, daddy’s coming home