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flashbang simulator
Wang 4 hours ago 
Do I take life or give it? Who is victim, and who is foe?
Scott 5 hours ago 
i told my professors i would be millionarie at the age of 30, i became millionarie by the age of 32, but a little before by the age of 32, maybe a little later than a little before by the age of 32, after waiting for the estimated time of a little later than a little before by the age of 32 then maybe i will have to wait 5 minutes more or less
Scott 5 hours ago 
too much border hope, too much happy, too much I have earned more money than you have seen in your life, too much my couple is effing awesome and beauty, too much my videogames are the best and I'll keep putting ideas in them with my couple meanwhile we will have fun living in another country, too much i wont need to study or work anymore, too much my childhood is intact im not abused or traumatized little kid
Wang 5 hours ago 
The admins are blind scott,
but kratos will make them see
Kratos873 5 hours ago 
scott:being a diaper mistreated and abused in his childhood, never succeed in anything in life, vomit baby feces in exchange for money and then spend money on diapers, pretend not to be a gay diaper consuming videos of bleeding babies, screaming like a girl to show the other diapers that you are the dominant diaper, inject diarrhea to perform routine tasks without getting depressed, feel inferior to the TV little girl dancers

example: noone cares scotts because they are disposable and you can buy 20 of them with 5 dollar