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im not trans, you are

i have multiple braincells that work so your scams wont work on me :))
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Hello, and welcome. my name leg
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Hello. You are here for what ever reason so thats cool. If your gonna friend me tell me why you did it after i accept it plz.

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Discord:Rhodesian IceBear#0286

Escape From Tarkov : IcampEmercom

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaZZHoK2kd54Vp4hwVuwogQ

Steamrep link: https://steamrep.com/search?q=76561198098139226

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Hi!! I'm IceBear, or what ever ive made my steam name, most people know me by IceBear tho. I'm not like everyone else because i have a really unique hobby which is playing video games. not many people do it. I'm also a massive gun nut and love guns. I currently only have an M44 Mosin Nagant but im planning on getting other stuff when i can and when this debacle subsides. The types of games i like tend to lean to the more realistic side of things, such as Squad, Hell let loose, Rising storm 2, and the most balanced and well made video game ever to be made, Escape from Tarkov (kill me). But i dont just like realistic stuff. I really like TF2 it was a big part of my childhood. Been playing that since i got my steam account. Ive been getting into TF2 trading again recently aswell so we can trade if u wanna. And i like terraria and if it wasnt obvious already i like slime rancher because its like the cutest game on steam. So if u wanna add me or play something feel free to add me on here or discord aswell if u wanna just tell me why u added me and where u found :)))

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Rhodesian Icebear Apr 22 @ 8:16pm 
who r u?
Chegg2 Apr 22 @ 7:25pm 
bruh moment
jacob mann Apr 4 @ 4:31am 
God dude i think the other guy was a neckbeard but this guy, Is on a whole other level of incel
Hentai Connoisseur Apr 4 @ 1:08am 
im not screaming im typing you sill f2player haha
Rhodesian Icebear Apr 4 @ 12:47am 
why are you mad enough to come scream at me for leaving a game when i wasnt even on your team? you spent the entire gaming insulting people
Hentai Connoisseur Apr 4 @ 12:45am 
I had like 15 kills but okay loser f2player liar cope harder hahaha