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        •● W E L C O M E- S T R A N G E- B O I ●•

-Bonjour Mon Ami, Just To Make It Short On You I Am A Wibbly Wobblie Timey Wimey Guy Who Plays A Lot Of TF2 And Also A Sudo-Weeb With An Enourmus TrickStabing Buldge, *sigh* Yes I Live In The Basement Of My House Sher-.Feel Free To Add Me.(Btw Usagi#0946 @Discord)

//Some General Info//

-Some Of My Links:
ETF2L []
UGC []
MatchTF []
Twitch []

-Here Is Some Of The Most Famous Quotes My Friends Said:
"*litteraly falls for a trick stab*,That Was A Face Stab". Leapo
"*Get's killed*Ur So Mad,*Kills Me*Ur So Bad". David
"Ive Got The Goods". SoulBiscuit
"This Is Just Like DarkSouls". DatBritishGuy
"He Joins Evryone Starts Playing Spy To Beat Him". S.s.simon
"*Intense Swedish Swearing*". Scp_049
"We Don't Talk About That". Derper24
"BitConnecccccccccccccct". TinyAlpha
"Wait Ur <18 = Pedophile". Puvel

//Some TF2 Competitive Info//

LaMerde(Hyrdo 9v9)
5DollarsClub(UGC 6v6)
ElBanditos(UGC 4v4)

-Seasons Participated:
ETF2L Highlander s13(OPEN)
UGC 6v6 s27(STEEL)
ReadySteadyPan s4
Hydro s1
KnightComp s1
Fresh Meat Challenge s2
Classic MGE

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You Walked Into A Strange place Didn't You, (•⊙ω⊙•)?
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well we could say
David 9.5. kello 12.30 
do u need food?
Leapo 4.5. kello 8.50 
you wouldn't believe the amount of bribes i had to pay
s.s.Simon 4.5. kello 7.04 
Shipping drugs form NL to UK must be expensive. Don't you think.
smegma.lover.2009 11.4. kello 12.37 
instant +rep, fun guy i met playing doublecross and we memed really hard