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Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0 GHz
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64 bit Quad-Core Processor
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8 MB L3 Cache
16 GB DDR4 3000
120 GB SSD + 2 TB 7200 RPM HDD
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB
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Corsair CX650M
Phantek P400 Gray
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Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
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For people not familiar with Grand Strategy games, HOI4 might look a bit overwhelming. However, most of HOI4s game mechanics are easy to learn and and after a few games, you probably understand every aspect of the game sufficiently well to really enjoy it. It took me 75 hours and I didn't touch a single Grand Strategy game before, with the exception of hundreds hours of Age of Empires 2.

About the learning curve. One issue with HOI4 is that countries are not balanced, playing the US will feel totally different then playing Canada. As Canada, the country I picked for my first few games, you are lucky to have a few divisions to support the allies in Europe. Because of that, you focus one aspect at a time and don't feel overwhelmed.
For instance, the first few games I only focused on an Air Force. That was a bad decision since the Air Force I had when the war broke out was far inferior to the Axis' Air Force. However, after that game I understood the relevant mechanics.
In the next game, I instead tried to provide some armored divisions to mop up the fight in Africa quickly. That went well and afterwards I understood how infantry works.
After that, I played with Finland for a brief time only to start a civil war in Sweden that ended up with the now communist Sweden joining the Axis and knocking on my door. However, with Finland I learned the Navy mechanics.
Finally, I picked up the US and for a few hours thought that I still had to learn a bunch. The reason being, instead of managing one home country, a few divisions and a tiny navy, I now had to manage a huge Navy with 100+ ships, multiple US islands in addition to the USA themselves. But what felt overwhelming at first I now feel capable of managing after playing two rounds with the USA, in total 4 fun after work evenings.

The obligatory list:

+ Music is nice
+ Game lets you Role Play really well. Changes in the word triggered by you feel like a natural consequence
+ Successfully landing a paratrooper drop or marine invasion feels amazing!
+ There is much to do
+ Good learning curve when you start of with smaller nations and work towards the bigger nations
+ Very customizable game setup. You can give countries a boost or change how war declarations work.
+ The UI is nice. There are issues with controlling stuff but I never felt like I had to click through menu's like in a business application.
+ Nearly everything in game has a tooltip. You rarely need to google for "what does XY mean?".

- Game can be very unbalanced. Playing as a minor as part of the allies, Germany and Italy dominated Europe even when I give the allies a boost in the game setup.
- UI Part 1: UI concepts are not used consistently. Sometimes you have to right click, sometimes you have to left click.
- UI Part 2: Managing Navy, Army and Air Force feels like completely different game mechanics. Their structure is different, their tasks are set up different.
- UI Part 3: Sometimes you have issues getting enough information from one screen. While the Air view helps you to understand where you have air supperiority etc, it doesn't show you who owns a region. SO you have to switch back and forth to figure out where to supply ground support
- UI Part 4: The world view can get messy. You often have to zoom in to see one naval battle report bellow an active naval battle. And then again, zooming out to much will fade out overlays. Random!
- UI Part 5: Instead of adding generic characters and vehicle (planes, ships, tanks) graphics, they decided to go with black outlined placeholder graphics. Whenever I see those, I feel like playing a unfinished game. However, this is mostly an issue for non-major nations.
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With this Assault Rifle in hand, your enemies will be begging for mercy whenever you're pointing it at them!

About the skin:
- Clean and simple
- Default Assault Rifle Model
- Black body with red highlights
- Red illuminated iron sights
- Deep red-
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