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Personal Achievements

Basic Comprehension

Complete any tutorial


Complete all tutorials

Not Without Incident

Complete any Level with Bishop

Bishop's Opening

Unlock one ability with Bishop

Bishops Before Knights

Unlock all abilities with Bishop

Blade Runner

Complete any Level with Saija

Ask A Ninja

Unlock one ability with Saija

Ninja Warrior

Unlock all abilities with Saija

Come At The King

Complete any Level with Boss

Like A Boss

Unlock one ability with Boss

The Legendary Mercenary

Unlock all abilities with Boss

Peace Through Violence

Complete any Level with Elder

Old Dog, New Tricks

Unlock one ability with Elder

Aim To Misbehave

Unlock all abilities with Elder

Head Case

Get 50 Headshots

Take It Personally

Get 50 Melee kills

Wilhelm Scream

Get 25 Push-Off kills

The Only Good Bot Is A Dead Bot

Kill 1,000 Bots

Crime Pays

Earn 1,000,000 Credits

Data Transfer Complete

Complete Raw Data

Hard Act To Follow

Complete Raw Data on Hard

Livin' The Dream

Complete Raw Data on Nightmare

Did We Just Become Best Friends!?

Play a Co-Op Game

Cant Touch This

Complete a Mission with no damage on the Data Core

Not So Hard

Complete Mission: Hardpoint

Go H.A.M.

Complete Hardpoint on Nightmare

Light It Up

Complete Mission: Dark Source

Lit AF

Complete Dark Source on Nightmare

Keep Watching The Skies

Complete Mission: Skybound

On Top Of It

Complete Skybound on Nightmare

One In The Chamber

Complete Mission: Nuke Fusion

Cold War

Complete Nuke Fusion on Nightmare

Vape Tricks

Complete Mission: Vapor Exploit

Which One Vapes?

Complete Vapor Exploit on Nightmare

Artful Dodger

Complete Mission: Extermination

Safety Dance

Complete Extermination on Nightmare

In The Garden Of Eden

Complete Mission: Soul Decrypt

Lawnmower Man

Complete Soul Decrypt on Nightmare

General Intelligence

Complete Mission: Cataclysm

Advanced Machine Learning

Complete Cataclysm on Nightmare

Lightning Rod

Complete Mission: Thundershock

The Odinson

Complete Thundershock on Nightmare

Alpha and Omega

Complete Mission: Hivemind

Is That All You Got?

Complete Hivemind on Nightmare

Down The Rabbit Hole

Find a Smart Pad

Curiouser and Curiouser

Find half of the Smart pads

The Whole Story

Find all of the Smart Pads