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"The end of galaxy and unchanging sadness... The sadness at the end of the galaxy where wind stops and there is no sound... You ate it all. So she could walk forward without looking back" ~~Marco & The Galaxy Dragon

♪ Existence~~

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"Humans are funny creatures. When they're suffering, they start to go numb. After a while, they can't tell whether their experiences are terrible or if they're just going through the same stuff everyone else goes through."
~~ Wonderful Everyday - Down the Rabbit Hole

"In the darkness, everything is as one. There is no difference between beast and man. If you are a beast then I too must be a beast"~~House in Fata Morgana

"Allow yourself to stop thinking because its to painful, to stop questioning because it's to difficult, and eventually you will loose sight of the reason you are living."
~~ Labirynth of Grisaia

"No matter where you look in the world, you won't find anyone who is trully evil." ~~ Little Busters
"if there is a good will and the will to understand one another in there, then their relationship will surely turn out good." ~~ Root Double
"...it was nothing more than a seed I sowed so I could watch your love growing complicated, become twisted, and fail." ~~ Umineko QA
"Without a foe, there can be no game" ~~ Umineko AA
"I know that, no matter what else comes our way, the only thing I will never be able to protect you from... is me" ~~ Love Ribbon
"Loving someone, that feeling It's yours and yours alone" ~~ Kindred Spirits on the Roof
"I must not forget. This is the future I wished for, fought for, and won" ~~ Steins;Gate
"Searching for one thing, the laughter of the stars. Shining in the wind, if you reach out, you can grab it." ~~ Steins:Gate 0
"If someone asked me what I wanted the most at that exact moment, I would say freedom. As for the thing that I wanted second most... death" ~~ WILL: A Wonderful World
"The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over." ~~ Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
"Their faces were reversed upon their shoulders so that they came walking on backwards, since seeing forward was denied them." ~~ Kara no Shojo
"You took pity on your town. You went where love led you."~~Pathologic2
"Malice is the heart of one person as he knowingly deceives another."~~Corpse Party: Blood Drive
"If you run from this island with your tiny, wounded body, what will become of you?"~~ISLAND
"There should be comfort in hearing those alone, in knowing I have another person to rely on if things ever go bad" ~~The Letter
"As humans age, they can only survive by protecting themselves with cunning, self-interest, and similar. Their feelings will completely vanish when that time comes." ~~ Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel

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To point out why Umineko is great we will need much more words. It is a classic VN without a doubt. A definitive must buy for all mystery lovers. Story is dimensional, twisted, outstanding, and it cannot be predicted. It is a duel between reality and phantasy. Care about details is magnificent. Only one title reminds me of such exact craft and gruesome sights, it is “House in Fata Morgana”.

How far can we deny truth?
Do we believe in miracle?
Can we overcome fate?

Umineko after voice patch is deeply fun. It is satisfying experience in all long run, even considering some small annoyances there and there – options menu, lack of volume sliders, almost endless game. Anyway, what you need for a perfect mystery mansion tale? Memorable characters, oh and let me add in red “voice acting is top tier”.

To feel their humanity.
To feel their desires.
To feel their sins.

“When the music plays”, everything is coming into place, and the scenes are set by mind into motion. Beato displayed how to make games interesting for each one of the 4 chapters. Surpassing my level of imagination, with only very few effects. That’s the power of writing style. Now all what’s left is to wait for another show, in the Answer Arc. ~~Without love it cannot be seen.
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Sip your cup of tea and watch the galaxy
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