LinkShire(Internet is off ;_;)
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My internet is currently tucked and fucked. When my service is turned on, you'll know. owo <33
:melon:Name: LinkShire
:gordon:Age: 14
:ElizaHeart:Species: Foian (Saiyan/Fox):ElizaHeart:
:steak:Sex: Male
:Owl:Sexua🔥lit🔥y: Bisexual
:demoticon:Upper Apparel: Light blue hoodie
:sans:Lower Apparel: (Usually) Black tights (Occasionally) Nothing
:steak:Fur colours: Light blue with a hint of red
:sans:Ear colours: Lime green
:ElizaHeart:Paw print: Black
:subnautica:Nose: Pink
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Random Things oWo
Songs I personally enjoy
(Order doesn't matter)
4.) (There is a difference from the original song owo)
5.) (I'm not a weaboo for DBZ I swear)
About me oWo (Self-made Q&A)
What gender are you? Male~
How tall are you? 5'9
What's your body type? Husky but I'm losing a bit of weight.
Do you have any mental disorders? Yeah >~< I have ADHD/ADD..
₩ØŁFÎË! Oct 27 @ 12:56pm 
Spooky Sen. W+M1 Oct 27 @ 12:04pm 
Hey guys it's me, Sans Undertale.
micheal le fox Oct 19 @ 8:04pm 
micheal le fox Oct 19 @ 8:04pm 
i think i have seen that cat from where before OwO
🦌 [MajesticDeerFurry] Sep 15 @ 7:04pm 
I thought that was a Raptor fursona in your PFP but no.... its a cat.. bamboozled again
₩ØŁFÎË! Sep 7 @ 8:09pm