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If the King does not Bouge, his subjects will not follow it.
A foreign Tu here.

I am a foreigner Where shall I come.

You are dead. You are dead for Your birth.

I died Until our meeting. I was not helpless corpse, claiming to be alive.

I do not fight Wish, But the strong actions indiscriminately kill Low. This is unforgivable! Only those who are prepared to die can kill! When the strong attack the Low again, we come back, no matter how powerful the enemy. That strong fear us! Weak as we join! We, of the Order of the Black Knights, will judge the world!

"We have been born the same same day of the same year, but we hope to die the same same day of the Sami year. "Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
It's a marriage?
Want to say it Should Be In Your train people dead.
Whether you think we can win this battle?
Yes, I am the car goddess of victory.
Is it true That Can Count on that. Unfortunately, I have conclusion UN pact with the devil.

EC Do not I who had the act! This is the world! The world will change. I can changer.
We Have Whereas, Lord Zero. Give US Your Orders.
Very good. For I am Zero! The man who destroyed the worlds, the man who Cree!:watermagic::steamhappy:
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